The First Drone Download

We’re excited to announce the release of our weekly newsletter, the Drone Download. Each week we curate a handful of the most interesting and informative stories and videos from around the world and deliver them to you in an email. If you’re pressed for time we also distill everything into informative blurbs you can scan for a quick read. It’s a fun and informative way to keep up with the fast-moving stories of the drone world—especially when someone else is doing all the digging for you. Sign up today and get on the list: Drone Download. Here’s the first issue: ’Twas the season for … Read More

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The CES Report

We had an incredibly successful week at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held in Las Vegas and dominated by drones. 3DR eschewed the traditional approach to the convention, opting to not set up a booth in favor of traveling around the city with drones in our backpacks, giving guerrilla flight demos and talking tech with anyone and everyone who was interested. It paid off. Here are some of our media highlights from last week, where 3DR CEO Chris Anderson drops the hammer on the potential of this technology and 3DR’s role in creating that future.

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Scientists Use Drones to Monitor Surf Zone

“When ocean scientists visit the beach they pack more than sunscreen and a towel – they pack drones. Researchers show in a new study that drones can be used to cheaply and accurately monitor the movement of water in the surf zone in the Gulf of Mexico. The drones provide a new way of documenting the movement of plant and animal plankton, sediments and pollutants, including spilled oil, near the shore.”   Read more:

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Why You Should Care About Kanye: Drones in the Media

Over the past year personal drones have drawn a ton of media coverage, more and more frequently from TV news and high-profile outlets like the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Vice and the Washington Post. I personally come from a liberal arts background, and until I first entered this field in the summer of 2013 hadn’t caught any media coverage of personal drones. Even my friends, many of whom read Wired and certainly consume their fair share of TED talks, were unaware that such an incredible technology had trickled down to where it was accessible and affordable for everyday users. But … Read More

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Introducing the One-Touch Dronie

Make the ultimate selfie with one simple touch on your tablet. We’ve updated our dronie feature in DroidPlanner to make it easier than ever for you to see your world from above—with you at the center of it. How it works To set up the dronie, place the drone 8m away, facing you, and make sure that the path you’re facing has at least 100m of clearance (about a football field). The copter will automatically take off and go back 50m and up 30m from its initial location. Turn on your controller and keep the throttle stick down; this is in … Read More

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