Our Mission is to bring Clients and Professional Drone Operators together.

DroneClick.com is a hand picked directory of the top Drone Professionals from around the world. We’ve gathered a group of Drone Operators who are experts in Aerial Photography & Cinematography, Aerial Inspection, Surveying, and Specialized Imaging Services such as Thermal Imaging and 3D Mapping.

Production quality and safety are the most important aspects of choosing a Drone Operator for your project. Our carefully screened operators represent a select group of industry professionals and are included in our Directory of Drone Professionals because they have proven to be among the best at what they do.

You’ll find the following Drone related services among our members:

  • Aerial Photography and Imaging
  • Commercial and Residential Real Estate Marketing
  • Aerial Cinematography, and Video Production
  • UAV Aerial Mapping and Surveying
  • 360° spherical panoramas
  • Agriculture Applications
  • 3D Aerial Mapping
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Solarpark and PV Inspection
  • UAV Inspection and Monitoring
  • Scientific Research Applications
  • Condition Survey and Civil Engineering
  • Drone Hardware – Design and Construction
  • UAV Cargo Transportation
  • Pollution Monitoring
  • Disaster Relief Coordination
  • Full Scale UAV Passenger Transport
  • Mining, Oil, and Gas Industry Applications
  • Computer Vision
  • Drone Consulting
  • Maritime Applications
  • First Responder Applications
  • Military and Police Surveillence
  • UAV Swarming Intelligence and Networking
  • Drone Flight Dynamics Testing and Data Gathering
  • UAV Entertainment Applications

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