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UAVs electricity inspection work

Today I'd like to share some information of UAVs electricity inspection work. 

To ensure the stable supply of electricity, regular inspection and maintenance of the installations are important and essential. In the past, this kind of inspection work in China are mainly finished by manual work. And always cost a lot of time and money, meanwhile, often very dangerous as well. 

Nowadays, with the development of drone inspection technology. Many inspection work that is dangerous and difficult are mainly finished by UAVs now.  

UAVs inspection enjoys several advantages as below:

  • More comprehensive inspection work to reduce potential risks.
  • Save more labor and cost.
  • With more safety and efficient .
  • Flexible working mode make it adjustable for different and difficult environment.
  • Easy to bring and transport.
  • .....

Several months ago one drone manufacturer integrated our Tersus RTK board in to their drones. And these drones are conducting electricity inspection work at different places in China now. Here are some pictures for your reference:

And here are some pictures of our TERSUS GNSS RTK board for your reference, 

Thanks. Have a wonderful day!

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