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WeRobotics is an international NGO dedicated to scaling the positive impact of social good projects through the localization and responsible use of appropriate robotics solutions such as UAVs/drones. We work in multiple sectors including humanitarian aid, global development, public health, nature conservation and agriculture. Over the past year, we have carried out numerous projects and trainings in Nepal, Tanzania, Peru, Maldives, Haiti, Senegal, Fiji, Vanuatu, Cook Islands, Dominican Republic and Liberia, for example. Future projects will take us back to many of these countries in addition to new ones like Indonesia, Myanmar and Panama. WeRobotics supported by the Rockefeller Foundation, World Bank USAID and has received funding from World Food Program (WFP), UN Development Program (UNDP) and others. We have formal partnerships with ESRI, DJI, Parrot, senseFly, Pix4D and other industry leaders.

Given the increasing demand for our expertise and services, we are building a roster of top notch experts with proven expertise in range of fields such as operating aerial and marine robots, geographic information systems, imagery analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning, cargo logistics, web development, communications and storytelling. If selected, you will be invited to join short term projects (typically ranging from 1 to 7 days) in various countries around the world. Only applicants who make it to the final selection round will be contacted for interviews. All information provided below will be kept strictly confidential.


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