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Drone Software, Re-Imagined: Meet the All New Site Scan

Today is a big day for 3DR customers: we’ve launched an all new Site Scan that’s simpler, faster, and packed with new features.


We’ve been working side-by-side with our customers to look for ways to improve our cloud-based web app, Site Scan. By doing so, we started to see some patterns and common needs across our customer base in construction, engineering, mining, and other sectors: they wanted to use Site Scan in new and interesting ways, so we set out to re-imagine the platform to help our customers accomplish their goals and work better, every day.

The new Site Scan is built for teams, offers a simple and more flexible interface, and supercharges your workflow with a ton of new features.

Built for teams

We’ve learned that now, more than ever, our customers are looking to make their drone data accessible and useful across their entire organization—not just their own part of it. In construction, for example, drone data was long used mostly just by virtual construction teams, not by the project managers or the superintendents on-site every day. That’s no longer the case: project teams are now reviewing drone maps and models on a near-daily basis, like at their morning meetings to plan the day’s work.

With this in mind, it became clear that our customers needed a platform that was built for teams: one that makes it easier than ever to manage permissions and share drone data across projects and organizations. With the new Site Scan, now they can: it makes it easier than ever to add new team members to your projects, share data with key stakeholders, and control permissions with admin, full-access, and read-only access. 

Simple, flexible interface

We’re constantly improving Site Scan and adding new features for a diverse, growing customer base across construction, engineering, mining, and more. That’s why we built the new Site Scan in a way that’s simpler and more flexible: the sidebar is your central resource for managing flights and projects, adding new team members, and managing permissions.

The toolbar is your all-in-one workspace for analyzing your drone data, making it easy for you to view your maps, models, and project timelines, along with a variety of data layers, design file overlays, and exporting options. With this improved design, Site Scan is able to grow and evolve as we continue to add new features. 

Breakdown of the new user interface in Site Scan (click to expand!)

Brand new features

To go with the improved design, we’ve also added a few great new features to Site Scan, all of which are focused on making it easier for you to get the insights you need, faster.

Ortho and point cloud photo inspection

Curious about a specific point on your orthomosaic or point cloud? Now, you can use the new Inspect Photo tool to identify that point, and Site Scan will show you every image that it appears in. This is a powerful way to quickly see the actual photos from any point in your project.

Generate contours based off the digital terrain model

Now, you can create rich bare earth models with your Site Scan data, and use your digital terrain model (DTM) to generate contours.

Faster processing

We’ve made enhancements to our processing engine and now your Site Scan data processes faster than ever, ensuring that you get the data you need, when you need it.

Hot keys for measurements

Make measurements, faster. We’ve added hotkeys to our set of measurement tools. Now, you can press “d” for distance measurements, “v” for volume, “m” to set markers, “c” to count objects, and “i” to inspect photos in detail.

We’re thrilled about how Site Scan has evolved over the years, and we’re even more excited to see how our community will put this brand new tool to work. If you’re interested in learning more about Site Scan and how it can help your business, set up a 15-minute consultation with us—we’re here to help!

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