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Thermal imaging system for drones

I would like to introduce a thermal imaging system for drones and UAV systems made by european company Workswell s.r.o.

Basic parameters

Workswell Thermal Vision Pro is high-end and unique wireless thermal imaging solution with two cameras and storage for unmanned aerial vehicles, quadrocopters or drones. This lightweight system offers a maximum resolution of 640 x 512 pixels and a temperature sensitivity of 0.05 °C which ranks to the best on the market. You can record continuous video, take images and save data to storage for later analysis.

More information is avaible on our website: http://www.drone-thermal-camera.com/

Some advantages of system

see in a day or night, even in complete darkness radimetrics data recording see through the fog, thick smoke and partly through the vegetation all the data are sent wirelessly to the operator’s controller one touch system for saving all images at the same time

The aim of the whole system is the simple transfer, storage and processing of radiometric (temperature) data directly from a UAV (drone) and displaying the data on the screen of the remote control in real time. The system offers three picture modes that can be set by the operator using the keyboard prior to take off. During the flight, the operator can switch between the modes using the UAV remote control.

Vayage on YouTube

Building inspection:

Chasing the Bad Guys :)


Stay connected with us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/WorkswellCZ

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Drones in the media – Sorting the wheat from the chaff

by Quadzimodo I noticed this article on The Epoch Time and was concerned by what I saw. Please note – I am an experienced drone enthusiast and the statements quoted in your article do not reflect the typical user experience as I understand it. Having built and flown a number of different flying robots I am …

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Drones for Science, Exploration and Conservation

Photo via Lian Pin Koh 

OpenExplorer just received a small grant to help send UAVs to individuals and groups using drones for the purposes of science, exploration, or conservation. If you know anyone who might fit this description, please pass on the details! For both professional and amateur scientists...

The details on how to get one of the drones are here:

More on OpenExplorer here: https://openexplorer.com/home

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Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing from an Aerial view

Mike Steidley’s Action Sports column in Multirotor Pilot Issue #5 talked about shooting Wakeboarding action with a multirotor.  Here is a sample video:

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Design an Airplane in 1 Minute

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