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The Mexican immigrant who set up a global drone firm

By Regan MorrisBBC reporter, San Diego

Less than ten years ago Jordi Munoz left Mexico for the US and is today boss of the one of world's biggest commercial drone maker

Mexican immigrant Jordi Munoz says that waiting for his green card after he first moved to the United States made The immigrant who became a drone firm boss him feel as if he was living "in a big jail".

At the time he was 20 years old, and he and his girlfriend had set up home near Los Angeles.

Yet he could not legally work, or even enrol at a college, until he got the identity card that proved his right to live and seek employment in the country.

But instead of just sitting around during his frustrating seven-month wait back in 2007, Mr Munoz, a keen model plane enthusiast and computer programmer, started to build his own drone in his garage.

A drone, technically an unmanned aerial vehicle, is essentially a very high tech and stable version of a remote-controlled plane with a camera attached to take aerial photographs or record videos.

Using what parts he had to hand, Mr Munoz made the drone's autopilot system by taking the motion sensors from a games console remote control.

To attach the microchips to circuit boards he heated them up in a domestic oven.

Fast forward to today, and Mr Munoz, now 28, is the co-founder of the largest US-owned manufacturer of commercial drones.

The business, 3D Robotics, is expected to enjoy sales of $50m (£33m) this year.

Key investment

Back when Mr Munoz was working on his first prototype, he started to put up posts about his progress on a website for other DIY drone enthusiasts.

In addition to the advice and encouragement he got from fellow hobbyists, one man was so impressed that he sent Mr Munoz $500 (£325) to help carry on his work.


A handful of members still here can say they were there for this story, my how things have changed. Fair play Jordi, fair play.

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Pocket Drone Landing Gear


All of us are uncomfortable with the landing gear of Pocket Drone, and I'm last days thinking about it and this is a prototype of what can be a descent landing Gear.

I was at Leroy Merlin and bought some "pipe holders" - a bag with 4 pieces.

So, first I measurement and I fold this holder like this:

I cut exactly on the and of the fixation hole and then, I mark the size of the PD's "retractile" landing gear and start to saw the piece like that:

After some adjustments - Aluminium is not a nice thing :)

This are the Landing gear installed at Pocket Drone

Some details.

Even in this beta version, this landing gear works better than the original ones.

I will do some improvements - install some rubber between the landing gear and PD's arm - to improve vibrations absorption and improve landing gear stability - I would use work "fixation" but the main idea and why I backer this PD is to has a pocket so a fixed landing gear is not my scope.

I will post more updates soon - after my research about rubber - I don't know a lot about it too - so if someone can help I will appreciate.

for now, this is how PD is:


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Drone Art: Paintings on Roofs – with Artists Ella & Pitr

Artists Ella & Pitr create larger than life paintings that are best seen from an unusual perspective – about 50 feet up in the air. This video shot by drone showcases some of their stunning work of drawings made between 2013 and January 2015 in Chile, Portugal, Canada and France. They were painted on floors, and roofs …

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Talking drones and privacy with That Drone Show

Sarah and David say “fly it like you stole it.” That’s great! Just don’t fly it like you’re spying. Please.

Listen to me talk about the status of drones, privacy and policy with my friends at That Drone Show.

You can subscribe to That Drone Show and join an International Drone Day team here.

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Flight Mode Switch setup for a Tactic TTX850

I went to my local Hobby Shop and they introduced me to the Tactic radios and I like the form and price. I have had an APM 2.6 for some time and thought why not get it going. when it came tome to set up the switch to control the flight modes i ran into some issues. I could not find a good source of information to set my system up. It looked like I may have made a misguided choice in radios as hardly any in the forums were using the Tactics let alone the TTX850. I found a few articles that kind helped but it meant me using up two RC channels to get the mixing I was looking for. I found some help on the rcgroups site that helped. I came across an article on the DIYDrones forums that seem to get me started.  I loosely followed the Specrtum DX8 2 switch mix from DIYDrones . Below is what I came up with and will allow you to use just one channel and mix two switches (one 2 position and one 3 position) to get all six flight modes on a Tactic TTX850.

Here is my set up:

CH 6 >Reversed >Travel 85% 85%
CH6 assigned to SW H (Offset 0%, Speed 100%)

Mix 1: CH6 -> CH6 
Rate L: +0%
R: +0%
Offset: +0%
CTRL: SW G 0 Pos (L(1), M(0), H(0))

Mix 2: CH6 -> CH6 
Rate L: -53%
R: -59%
Offset: +0%
CTRL: SW G 1 Pos (L(0), M(2), H(0))

Mix 3: CH6 -> CH6 
Rate L: -80%
R: -80%
Offset: +0%
CTRL: SW G 2 Pos (L(0), M(0), H(2))

This will give you the following Flight Modes (FM). This setup allows you to cycle through the flight modes is a sequential switch order with both switches starting at the "0" position. FM 2 and 3 are entered by flipping SW G (3 Position Switch) to position 1 and 2 respectively. To continue down the FMs you flip SW H (2 Position Switch) to position "1" and that will enter FM 4. For FM 5 flip SW G to position "1". When SW G is flipped to position "0" it will enter FM 6.

Switch 1-Position/ Switch 2 -Position = Flight Mode

H-0/G-0 = FM 1
H-0/G-1 = FM 2
H-0/G-2 = FM 3
H-1/G-2 = FM 4
H-1/G-1 = FM 5
H-1/G-0 = FM 6

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