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Octofilms flew for the Hyundai Sonata

Take a look at this AMAZING Commercial Octofilms flew for the Hyundai Sonata!  This video was all about precision.  

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Meet the T1000, 1+hr flight times w/ 1kg payload

I would like to introduce the DIYD community to my project, the T1000.  This is a tandem rotor helicopter based on T-Rex 450 parts, with custom 425mm asymmetrical blades.  The initial goal for the project (in 2011) was to have a fpv platform that could fly for over 1/2 hour.  I now think we can now achieve a 1+hr flight time with a 1kg payload.  This is similar to the twin-rex, and indeed utilizes their TH2 for the moment for servo mixing.  Our project differs in many ways from the twin-rex though.  First of all, we are using a large diameter thin walled carbon timing shaft through a square carbon torque tube.  We also use custom designed 2mm carbon nacell plates, along with our in-house manufactured asymmetrical 425mm blades.  The third requirement for us getting 1+hr flight times with this platform is the 18650b battery.  Though this drawing only indicates a 45 cell pack, I plan on using a 69 cell, or 3s23p custom Li pack.  The orientation of the battery pack, and the landing gear have yet to be determined.  

Please post any questions or comments (I will not be offended by negative comments, please be honest)

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Applied Aeronautics – Albatross Design Contest

As we are rapidly approaching the official release of the Albatross line of aircraft, we thought there would be no better way of saying thank you than by giving away a free airframe to someone in the community. As such we have decided a design contest is in order for the best paint scheme, with the winning designer receiving a free airframe incorporating his/her design.


We'll do our best to get the livery as an added color scheme option but thought this would be a good way to engage the community as we get ready for the release and getting this aircraft into your hands.


The contest is open as of this posting and will finish on November 10th. The designs must be possible from a production and manufacturing perspective (painting/vinyl). There must be an emphasis on orientation and visibility (i.e., contrasting colors), meanwhile maintaining an appealing and good looking aircraft. In that, we are excited and can't wait to see what you all come up with and to get the airframes out to you.


Let the designs begin, we look forward to seeing them!


The Applied Aero Team


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Foam-printing ArduCopter on display at the Science Museum in London

From the Guardian: "Currently on display at the Science Museum, London, is a 3D-printing drone created by Dr Mirko Kovac from Imperial College London that can extrude a foam material while on the wing."

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Buy a Spektrum Air Transmitter – Get a FREE Bonus Receiver!

If you have yet to make the switch to Spektrum 2.4GHz DSMX air technology, there is no better time than right NOW to join the ranks of satisfied pilots who depend on Spektrum to control their aircraft. Our friends at Spektrum let us know that from no until the end of 2014, buy ANY Spektrum 2.4GHz transmitter and they will add an extra bonus receiver for free! Buy the entry level Spektrum DX5e, get a Spektrum AR400 four channel receiver for FREE. Buy the popular Spektrum DX6, get a Spektrum AR610 six channel receiver for FREE. The program is structured to up the ante as you move into the more feature rich Spektrum transmitters. Buy the flagship Spektrum DX18 transmittter and receive a nine channel Spektrum AR9020 receiver for FREE! Many Spektrum transmitters include a receiver in the box as a part of the package already; take advantage of this offer and you may receive a total of two Spektrum receivers. Offer good until December 31, 2014. Head over to Spektrum now for all of the details or for information on where you can purchase your Spektrum radio gear.

Spektrum DX9

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