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Perceptiv Labs image-tracking upgrade for IRIS+ now taking preorders

Perceptive Labs is now taking pre-orders for SHIFT, which uses computer vision to do optical tracking. It supports Pixhawk, the IRIS+ and the DJI Phantom.

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Insurance companies ready to use drones to evaluate claims

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Drones are changing our world in fascinating ways. Here’s the latest in drone news:

Guest One of the world’s largest industries has been positioning itself for years to take advantage of robotic flight: insurance. …

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Image credit VentureBeat

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Video of the Day 4/25/15: Herding Cows

We have made some previous suggestions for events that should be included in the inevitable Robot Olympics and we would like to submit another idea...

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Drone Over Bali with Sam Evans

Sam Evans is an extremely talented and enthusiastic young film maker and photographer on the rise. A completely self taught all rounder, Sam found the love for his art when he was injured one rowing season in high school, and rendered unable to participate in the season. Always one to turn lead into gold, Sam …

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Really moving BBC video on the Syria Airlift project, using APM drones to deliver aid

Regardless of your views on Middle East conflict, everyone in this community should feel very proud after watching this video, showing APM-powered planes used for humanitarian aid. Mark Jacobsen at the Syria Airlift Project is inspiring, and I personally will be backing his work.  

The power to "democratize the skies" is why I started this community and is the ultimate goal of our projects here.  I was sure that, by making it free and open, people would find uses for the technology that I could never dream of and Mark is just more evidence that's coming true. 

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