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Journalist Sues CT Police Who Grounded His Drone (Phantom 2 Vision)

Photo Credit: Pedro Rivera Every time there’s an idiot out there that does something to screw up this hobby and potentially my photography/video profession, I tend to take it personally. There was the Fool in Manhattan, another random nitwit flying over a crowd of people, and now […]

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10 Reasons Amazon Prime Air Won’t Fly

In a recent PR stunt, Amazon.com claimed that it would soon be making small package deliveries by way of drones. They named their new service Amazon Prime Air. If the mainstream media knew everything that would be involved in making this a practical and realistic operation, their […]

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e-volo Completes Indoor Test Flight of Full Sized MultiRotor

Karlsruhe, Germany – November 17th, 2013 Great news in the world of MultiRotors! e-volo just accomplished a successful series of test flights with their new full sized two seat MultiRotor, the VC200 also known as the Volocopter. Only 2 years after their first manned MultiRotor flight with […]

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Richie Cunningham: On Filmmaking

The title should read Ron Howard: On Filmaking, but having grown up with Happy Days playing on the tube – I will forever associate this man with the famous television show. That being said, when I look at the incredible selection of enormous films he has worked […]

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Be Safe or Give Blood – MultiRotors, Safety, FAA Regulations

Please be warned, the video below is very graphic, so if you have a weak stomach – skip it. As more new people get into MultiRotors and drones a very important topic needs to be addressed – Safety. The two videos on this page illustrate in a […]

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