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Hobby King Turnigy Bolt Series 65C High Voltage Lithium Polymer Batteries (LiHV)

Turnigy Bolt LiPos are built to the highest standards and are capable of providing competition level performance. A new chemistry composition matrix allows them to be safely charged to 4.35 volts DC, which is higher than the typical nominal voltage of 4.20 volts DC inherent to LiPo battery packs (requires Turnigy Neutron charger). All Bolt high performance battery packs include gold plated balance leads and silver plated, heavy duty discharge wires. These battery packs are particularly ideal for use in high current draw applications such as 3D helicopters, EDF and F3A. Available in all Hobby King warehouses.

Turnigy Bolt Lipos

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Common Sense RC Lectron Pro 7.4V 950mAh 30C for the Blade 200 QX

This new 7.4V 950mAh 30C lipo will provide you with nearly 20% more runtime for your Blade 200 QX. It’s plug ‘n’ play compatible with both the quad and the stock charger with no modifications necessary, so swapping out your stock lipo for this upgrade is totally painless. It’s also a great choice for the Blade CX, CX2, and CX3 helis!

#2S950-30-L Retail: Retail: $14.95

CSRC Blade 200 LiPo

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Estes Proto-X SLT Ready-to-Fly Nano Quadcopter

The Proto-X SLT is the next step in the logical evolution of the world’s smallest quadcopter. With new one-button aerobatic capabilities, this Proto-X SLT can now perform flips and other amazing in-flight antics. Auto-Correcting Technology keeps it level while in the air, while the Auto-Upright system keeps it stable. A larger, dual rate equipped 2.4GHz transmitter is also included in the box. With built-in Secure Link Technology (SLT) protocol, pilots can also control this nano sized quad with their Tactic TTX650 transmitter. Includes a USB charger and four spare rotor blades. Add four AAA batteries and let the fun begin!

Proto X SLT

Proto X SLT Inventory

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Ares Ethos PQ

The Ares Ethos PQ may be small in size, but it’s big on features and capability. The advanced 6-axis control system offers pilots a choice of either agile flight or maximum stability and the Automatic Flip Mode allows almost anyone to perform 360 degree flips with just the push of a button on the transmitter – all right out-of-the-box! On top of that, the unique canopy design combines with different colored LED lights on the front and back to help maintain orientation during flight and offer improved visibility in the dark. And perhaps best of all, the pico-micro size allows for comfortable flying in even the smallest indoor spaces!
The Ethos PQ is a RTF (Ready-To-Fly) quad, so it comes 100% factory assembled and everything needed to fly, including AA batteries for the 2.4 GHz 4-channel transmitter, a 100mAh 1S 3.7V LiPo battery and a USB cord that allows you to charge the battery conveniently from any electronic device with a USB outlet, is included the box. With nothing extra to buy, you can have your Ethos PQ darting around the room and doing flips within minutes of opening the box!
The Ethos PQ will be available in HobbyTown stores nationwide, at www.HobbyTown.com, and at www.Ares-RC.com.


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FLIR Infrared Equipped UAV Systems Now Available at AtlantaHobby.com

AtlantaHobby.com President Cliff Whitney has used his interests in photography and multi-rotor aircraft to come up with a series of affordable small UAV systems that employ gimbal stabilized  infrared camera systems from FLIR. FLIR Systems Inc. is the world leader in thermal imaging, night vision, and infrared cameras. Infrared technology uses thermal radiation instead of visible light, making it useful for nighttime or severe weather use as it detects temperature differences. This makes FLIR’s technology incredibly useful for applications such as search and rescue, surveillance, security, manufacturing process control, research and development, recreation, navigation, transportation safety, law enforcement, and as a non-invasive diagnostic tool. Since the system works solely off of thermal radiation, it can even detect structural flaws in buildings that are invisible to any other sensor system.

These all electric, GPS-equipped flight systems from Atlanta Hobby feature full video downlink capabilities and start at under $5000. These complete aerial solutions fit in a small case that can easily integrate into a squad car or fire truck. They are easy to fly and can stay in the air for long periods of time. These systems allow companies and municipalities to get the job done and save lives without breaking their budgets.

Click over to Atlantahobby.com for more information or to purchase!


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