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Today, the FAA approved two  new Section 333 petitions for exemption. One exemption was issued for real estate photography and videography over non-congested areas in Tucson, Arizona using the DJI Phantom 2 Vision + (the same UAS I use as a hobbyist).  The second exemption was issued for precision agriculture crop scouting and photogrammetry using the senseFly eBee Ag UAS.

The two new exemptions approved today are as follows:

Trudeau_Douglas-11138 Advanced_Aviation_Solutions_LLC-11136(1)

Again, just as with previous Section 333 exemptions, the FAA continues to require that the Pilot in Command (PIC) possesses at least a private pilot certificate and a current third-class medical certificate. Interestingly, the FAA is allowing the 1.5 pound fixed-wing eBee to fly up to 70 knots.

We continue to believe that requiring a private pilot certificate (“private pilot’s license) is unnecessary as it does not provide training related to the safe operation of the UAS as documented by research studies by the FAA and Army Research Laboratory. Therefore, please contact your US Senators and Congressmen to ask them to work to eliminate the private pilot certificate requirement in Section 333 exemptions or in the upcoming NPRM for sUAS.

If you would like to speak with Antonelli Law about helping you submit your own Section 333 petition for exemption, call Principal Jeffrey Antonelli at 312-201-8310 or fill out the contact form below. Additional information about our Drone/UAS Practice Group is available by clicking here as well.


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FAA Approves Five New 333 Exemptions

Drone Laws Blog by Antonelli Law

Today the FAA approved five new Section 333 petitions for exemption by four companies, but continues to require a private pilot’s license for these very small UAVS, stating “Although Section 333 provides limited statutory flexibility relative to 49 USC § 44704 for the purposes of airworthiness certification, it does not provide flexibility relative to other sections of 49 USC. The FAA does not possess the authority to exempt from the statutory requirement to hold an airman certificate, as prescribed in 49 USC § 44711.”

Immediate action by Congress must be made to address this. Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Bill Shuster (R-PA) gets why a private pilots license just is not applicable to flying these UAVs. Contact your US senators and congressmen now.

Here is the letter we are sending today: Antonelli Law letter to Congress 12-14-10

The four new exemptions approved today are a follows:

Clayco_Inc_11109 Trimble_Navigation_Limited_11110 VDOS_Global_LLC_11112 Woolpert_Inc_11111 Woolpert_Inc_11114

Please take a look at the hearing in progress:

Hearing : U.S. Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Integration, Oversight, and Competitiveness


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Updates to Section 333 Petitions – 117 Filed

Drone Laws Blog by Antonelli Law

Searching the Regulations.gov website is too hard, so we wanted to make it easy for you.

We have updated our list to include the 117 Section 333 petitions on file, including the Section 333 petition Antonelli Law filed on behalf of Nixon Engineering (more will be filed by our Drone/UAS Practice Group soon. Of the 117 Section 333 Petitions, 9 were summarily rejected with only one of those submitted by an attorney. Please note that no warranties are made to the accuracy or completeness of these petitions. For the official versions go to Regulations.gov.

If your company would like assistance filing its own Section 333 petition to fly UAS commercially, contact firm principal Jeffrey Antonelli at 312-201-8310 or fill out the contact form below and we will contact you. To see an example of the quality of our work,  select Nixon Engineering below.

[contact-form-7] Advanced_Aerial_Inspection_Resources Advanced_Aviation_Solutions_LLC Aerial_MOB,_LLC Aerial_Production_Services,_Inc Aerial_Solutions,_LLC Aerius_Flight,_LLC AeroCine,_LLC AeroVironment,_Inc AeroVironment,_Inc_(2) Aeryon_Labs_Inc Aetos_Group_Inc AIG_PC_Global_Services,_Inc AirRaid_Aerials_LLC Alan D. Purwin Allied_Drones Amazon_Prime_Air Arch_Aerial_LLC Astraeus_Aerial Asymmetric_Technology Aviation_Unmanned Aviation_Unmanned #2 Bechtel_Equipment_Operations Blue-Chip_Unmanned_Aerial_Solutions_Inc_- BNSF_Railway_Company Blue_Heaven_Productions Build_Imagery_LLC Burnz_Eye_View,_Inc Capital_Aerial_Video,_LLC CAVU_Media_LLC Charles J Lesowske Chevron_USA,_Inc CineDrones, LLC City_of_Roswell_Coalition Clayco,_Inc Colin_Hinkle Commonwealth_Edison_Company Creative_Aerial_Media_LLC Danis_Building_Construction_Company Darling_Geomatics Delphi_Automotive_Systems_LLC Digital_Harvest Douglas_Trudeau Drone_Fleet_Aerospace_Management,_Inc Drone_Zone,_LLC EnviroMINE,_Inc ETAK_Systems,_Inc FalconSkyCam First_Flight_Photography,_LLC Flying-Cam_Inc Hawaii_AirVision_LLC Helinet_Aviation_Services,_LLC HeliVideo_Productions_LLC HUVRData_LLC iCam Copters Industrial_Aerobotics,_LLC Jeffrey Magers Jeffrey_Walsh Likeonatree_Aerial Littlebirds_View Louisiana State University LowCountryRD,_Corporation Marek_Management,_LLC MicroCopter_Pro Mike_Johnson_dba_B_E_V_Roof_Inspections Modovolate_Aviation,_LLC Montico,_Inc Mountain_High_Aviation,_LLC Network_Media_Services,_LLC,_d_b_a_Applied_Drone_Technologies NextEra_Energy,_Inc Nixon_Engineering_Solutions,_LLC Northern_Virginia_OmniVersatile_Solutions_LLC Oceaneering_International,_Inc Perfect_View_Aerial_Media,_LLC Phoenix_Air_UNMANNED Pictorvision_Inc Picture_Factory,_Inc Pravia,_LLC Pravia,_LLC_#2 Quiet_Creek_Corporation RC_Pro_Productions_Consulting_LLC_dba_Vortex_Aerial RD_Group Ryan Eisenman San_Diego_Gas_Electric_Company SenseFly_Ltd Shotover Shotwell_Media,_LLC Sky-Futures_USA_Inc Skyphilly Skyview_Media_Productions,_LLC Snaproll_Media_LLC Solusia_Air_LLC Somniaire,_LLC Southern_Company_Services_Inc State_Farm_Mutual_Automobile_Insurance_Company State_Farm_Mutual_Automobile_Insurance_Company_#2 Steve_Rhode Steven_Zeets Team_5,_LLC The_Dow_Chemical_Company Total_Safety_U_S_,_Inc Trimble_Navigation_Limited United_Services_Automobile_Association_(USAA) Unmanned_Systems,_Inc Upward_Aerial Utility_Aerial_Services,_Inc VDOS_Global_LLC Viafield Videe_This!_Inc_(dba_Yeah_Drones) Viking_Unmanned_Aerial_Systems,_Inc_ Viking_Unmanned_Aerial_Systems,_Inc_#2 Vision_Services_Group,_LLC VSG-Unmanned-SMS Wilbur-Ellis_Co William Glider Woolpert Yamaha_Motor_Corporation

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