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The Proposed sUAS Rules Are Here

Drone Laws Blog by Antonelli Law

This Sunday, the FAA and DOT finally released their proposed rules for commercial use of drones weighing 55 pounds or less in our national airspace. The good news? No pilot’s license or flight school will be required to operate a drone commercially. The bad news? The formal rulemaking process has just begun and we will have to wait until at least 2 years until the proposed rules become final. Until the final rules go into effect, which will probably not be until 2017, anyone who wants to operate a drone commercially and legally will still have to submit a Section 333 petition for exemption.

Highlights of the Proposed sUAS Rules:

No pilot’s license or flight school required 500 foot altitude limit Operations in Class B, C, D and E airspace are allowed with the required ATC permission Pass an aeronautical knowledge test at an FAA-approved knowledge testing center. Visual observer not required No ATC permission necessary to operate in Class G airspace No airworthiness certification of the aircraft

Here is the full text of the proposed Rules: FAA sUAS NPRM

In addition, President Obama released his Memorandum on privacy relating to domestic use of drones

Let Antonelli Law Help you Draft Your Public Comments

Now is the time to make your voice heard. Once the proposed rules are published in the Federal Register sometime in March or April, industry and the public will have just 60 days to submit public comments on them. The FAA is required to consider all the public comments about the proposed rules  and allow the public to participate in any hearings. The agency may make adjustments to the proposed rules based on the public feedback it receives. Sometime in 2016 or 2017 it will issue the final rule, which will have the force and effect of law.

If there are issues that you strongly support or oppose in the proposed rules, or that you believe should be in the rules but are not, you should be filing comments. We can help you articulate your concerns in a way that will maximize your impact. Antonelli Law’s UAS Co-Counsel, Mark Del Bianco, has 30 years of experience in federal agency rule-making proceedings.  For more information or to speak with Mr. Del Bianco, telephone us at 312-201-8310 or use the contact form below. sUAS-160x480-1-29-2015

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Two More Section 333 Approvals by FAA

Drone Laws Blog by Antonelli Law

Today, the FAA approved two new Section 333 petitions for exemption for sUAS. The first is for Asymmetric Technologies LLC of Columbus, Ohio and the second is for Blue Chip UAS.  Special congrats to Asymetric Techologies whose general counsel, Stuart C. Sparker, we met at the Ohio UAS Conference in 2014.  This brings the total to 23 US companies and individuals now possessing FAA approval to fly UAS commercially.

 Asymmetric_Technologies_LLC Blue Chip_UAS

Asymmetric_Technologies_LLC‘s approved use is solely to inspect the underside of a bridge over a canyon. Its petition described the project as near US Highway 93 in Mohave County, Arizona, sitting above Raster Wash adjacent to the Burro Creek Wilderness Area approximately 70 miles south east of Kingman, Arizona.

The approved sUAS to be used by Asymetric Technologies LLC is manufacturerd by Microdrones, weighs 8.5 pounds, and limited to  flight times of 45 minutes and 27 mph. It has a GPS assisted barometer and return to home (RTH) technology in the event of a lost command and control link. The FAA specifically mentioned that the VO must not participate in operating the camera or other instruments, as its role is to aid the pilot in command (PIC) in its see and avoid duty,

For Blue Chip_UAS their approved uses include agriculture, oil and gas, aerial photography, and wildlife industries using a 10 pound sUAS, the Sensurion Magpie MP-1, with a speed of 68 knots.  The most interesting aspect of Blue Chip UAS’s grant of exemption is that the FAA is permitting it to operate within 5 miles of an airport as long as there is a letter of agreement between Blue Chip UAS and the airport’s management and the COA and NOTAM requirements are met.

Both Asymetric Technologies LLC of Columbus Ohio and Blue Chip UAS are required to use PICs with at least a private pilot’s certificate (license) with a third class medical certificate.

If your company would like assistance filing its own Section 333 petition to fly UAS commercially, contact firm principal Jeffrey Antonelli at 312-201-8310 or fill out the contact form below and we will contact you. See  our recent Section 333 filings for an indication of the quality of our work:

High voltage power-line infrastructure inspection: Aerial Inspection Resources (AIR) Cinematography: iCam Copters LLC  Real estate: Owlcam LLC

If you are interested in an excerpt of Jeffrey Antonelli’s recent appearance discussing drones on Chicago Tonight please click here.


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21 US Companies Can Fly UAS Commercially

Drone Laws Blog by Antonelli Law

Today, the FAA approved two new Section 333 petitions for exemption to Pravia LLC of Florida relating to crop inspection for a seed producer. This brings the total to 21 US companies and individuals now possessing FAA approval to fly UAS commercially, with several companies receiving several exemptions or amendments to their original grant of exemption.

Pravia #1 Pravia #2

Since January 23rd, the FAA approved the following Section 333 petitions for exemption:

AeroCine Burnz Eye View Shotover Camera Systems Slugwear- Likeonatree Aerial Team 5 Total Safety US Helinet Aviation Services Alan Purwin Aerial MOB Amendment Pictorvision Amendment

Again, just as with previous Section 333 exemptions, the FAA continues to require that the Pilot in Command (PIC) possesses at least a private pilot certificate and a current third-class medical certificate.

If your company would like assistance filing its own Section 333 petition to fly UAS commercially, contact firm principal Jeffrey Antonelli at 312-201-8310 or fill out the contact form below and we will contact you. In addition to the iCam Copters LLC  and Owlcam LLC petitions recently filed by Antonelli Law, to see the original petition Antonelli Law filed for Nixon Engineering see our previous post here.


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Drone Laws Blog by Antonelli Law

Searching the Regulations.gov website is too hard, so we wanted to make it easy for you to find the latest Section 333 petitions for exemption.

We have updated our list to include the newest 214 Section 333 petitions on file, including several new Section 333 petitions Antonelli Law recently filed: iCam Copters LLC and Owlcam LLC. This brings the total number of Section 333 petitions filed with the FAA to 331.   Please note that no warranties are made to the accuracy or completeness of these petitions. For the official versions go to Regulations.gov.

If your company would like assistance filing its own Section 333 petition to fly UAS commercially, contact firm principal Jeffrey Antonelli at 312-201-8310 or fill out the contact form below and we will contact you. In addition to the iCam Copters LLC  and Owlcam LLC petitions recently filed by Antonelli Law, to see the original petition Antonelli Law filed for Nixon Engineering select it in  our previous post here

[contact-form-7] ADM_Crop_Risk_Services,_Inc_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Advanced_Aerial_Cinematography_LLC_Exemption_Rulemaking Aerial_Filming_Company_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Aerial_Imaging_Systems_-_Amended_Petition Aerial_Information_Technologies_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Aerial_Intelligence_HD,_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Aerial_Media_Systems_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Aerial_Pros_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Aerial_Video_and_Imagery,_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking AerialWorks_Incorporated_-_Exemption_Rulemaking AeroLogix_Consulting_Inc_-_Exemption_Rulemaking AgEagle,_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking AgScan,_Inc_-_Exemption_Rulemaking AirCam_Photography_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Alaska_Aerial_Media_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Alex Brito- Exemption Rulemaking Altavian,_Inc_-_Exemption_Rulemaking (1) Altavian,_Inc #2_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Altavian,_Inc #3_-_Exemption_Rulemaking American_Drones_L_L_C_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Anton_Ewing_-_Exemption_Rulemaking ArrowData_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking_(Part_1_of_2) Ars_Electronica_Linz_GmbH’s_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Ars_Electronica_Linz_GmbH #2_-_Exemption_Rulemaking  Auburn_University_Aviation_Center_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Aviation_Unmanned #3_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Aviators Cinema- Exemption Rulemaking B_A_Aerial_Innovations_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Balfour_Beatty_Construction_Services_US_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Barnett_Associates_Real_Estate_Team_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Barry Fisch- Exemption Rulemaking Bart_Bedsole_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Billings_Flying_Service_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Birds_Eye_Solutions,_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Birdseye_Video,_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking bizUAS_Corp_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Blackwell Group- Exemption Rulemaking Bob_Sokoler_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Bowhead_Mission_Solutions,_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Bowman_Consulting_Group,_Ltd_(BCG)_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Brandon Heess- Exemption Rulemaking Bruce_Beard,_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Bruce_Pogosaew_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Bryan_Cherry_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Bryan_W_Swann_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Building_10,_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Cambervision_Inc_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Cannery_Row_Films,_LLC,_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Celestial_Imaging_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Charles Richardson- Exemption Rulemaking Cherokee_UAS,_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking_(1) Chustz_Surveying_Inc_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Cine Copter Petition Cirrus_Exploration_Company_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Colorado_Cartographics_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking CompassData,_Inc_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Consumers_Energy_Company_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Contend_Co_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Craig_Byrom_-_Exemption_Rulemaking D_C_Inspection_Services,_Inc_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Dave Marshall- Exemption Rulemaking David_Ho_-_Exemption_Rulemaking DeGrazia_Music_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Donald_R_White,_Jr_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Douglas_R_Dorrer_-_Exemption_Rulemaking_(1) Down_East_Emergency_Medicine_Institute_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Draganfly_Innovations_Inc_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Drone_Filmworx_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Droneview_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking (1) Earth_Forensic_Inc_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Elevated_Images_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Elevated_Perspective_Media_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Empire_Unmanned_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking enrGies,_Inc_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Eric_Silberg_Photography_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Erie_Insurance_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Extreme_Media_Productions_-_Exemption_Rulemaking FAA_SkyRanger_-_Aerial_Survey Falkirk Mining Company- Exemption Rulemaking Flying_Cross_Aerial_Productions-_Exemption_Rulemaking Galaxy_UAV_Systems_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Geosky3,_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking goFarm_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking GPS_Development,_LLC_d_b_a_SkyViewHD__Exemption_Rulemaking Gregory_Zonsius_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Gulf_Coast_UAS_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Habana_Avenue,_LLC_dba_Fly_Habana_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Hawk_Aerial,_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Hoovy_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Hovershotsapv_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking iCam_Copters_LLC #2_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Idaho_Forest_Group_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Industrial_Skyworks_(USA),_Inc_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Innova_Flight_Training_and_Systems_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Jackson_Family_Vineyards_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Jackson_Family_Wines_-_Exemption_Rulemaking James_Keane_-_Exemption_Rulemaking James_Marsh_-_Exemption_Rulemaking JB_Aerial_LLC_(JBI_LLC)_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Jeff Colhoun- petition for rulemaking Jeffrey Rosen- Exemption Rulemaking Jeffrey_Hug_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Jeremy Earl Mayhew- Exemption Rulemaking Jerry_Brandau_-_Exemption_Rulemaking John_Bray_-_Exemption_Rulemaking John_Cassel_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Josh_Cremer_Photo_Video_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Just_1_UAV_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Justin_Dodge_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Kade_Curry_-_Exemption_Rulemaking KalScott_Engineering_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Kansas_State_University_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Kirk Voclain Photography- Exemption Rulemaking Lance Flaugh- Exemption Rulemaking Launchit_Technologies,_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Lockheed_Martin_-_Exemption_Rulemaking M_G_Enterprises_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Mark_Ingle_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Mark_Ingle_-_Exemption_Rulemaking_(1) Mark_Sobczyk_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Marshall Hunsaker- petition for exemption Michael_J_Murphy_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Michael_Wilhelm_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Micro_Drone_Vision,_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Midwest_Aerial_Technologies_-_Exemption_Rulemaking M-Kopter_Aerials_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Monterey_Drone_-_Exemption_Rulemaking MS_Photography_dba_MS_Aerial_-_Exemption_Rulemaking MT_Real_Estate_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Multimedia Systems Tech- Exemption Rulemaking Natalie_Contracting,_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking New_Heights_Aerial_Media,_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Next_Generation_Aviation_Services,_L_CL_C__Exemption_Rulemaking Nick Patillo- Exemption Rulemaking Norman_Hirsch_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Notus_Access_Group_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Offshore_Aviation,_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Olde_Dominion_Services,_Inc_-_Exemption_Rulemaking_(1) OpenSky_Drones_LLC_-_Petition_Rulemaking Owlcam,_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Pacific_Aviation,_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Patrick_MacAllister_DBA_Aerial_Optics__Exemption_Rulemaking PeneWorx_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Peninsular Aerial Services LLC- Exemption Rulemaking Photo-Flight_Aerial_Media_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Pilot Reel Media- Exemption Rulemaking PPL_Electric_Utilities_Corporation_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Precision_Drone_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking PrecisionHawk,_Inc_-_Exemption_Rulemaking_(1) Price_Aviation_Group_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Quad_Productions_of_Chicago_-_Exemption_Rulemaking R_W_Zollinger_Consulting_Engineers,_Inc_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Ralph_J_Apel_-_Exemption_Rulemaking RED_Consultants,_Inc_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Remote_Pilot_Systems_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Replicopy,_Inc_d_b_a_RDM_Productions__Exemption_Rulemaking Richard_Dobbins_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Rickie Traeger- Exemption Rulemaking RKGmedia,_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Roboflight_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Roger_W_Meyer_PLS,_d_b_a_Montana_Land_Surveys__Exemption_Rulemaking RPM_LLC-_Exemption_Rulemaking RVRD- petition for exemption Ryan_K_Koffman_-_Exemption_Rulemaking S_T_E_M_Magazine_Inc_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Saratoga_Aerial_Photo_and_Video_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Sevee_Maher_Engineers,_Inc_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Shadowlight Group- Exemption Rulemaking Shanon_Kern_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Singer’s_Creations_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Single_Wave_Media,_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Sky_Shots_Aerial_-_Exemption_Rulemaking SkyPan_International_-_Exemption_Rulemaking SkyWard_IO,_Inc_-_Exemption_Rulemaking SkyWords Advertising- Exemption Rulemaking SouthGate_Films,_Inc_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Stark_Aerospace_Inc_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Stark_Aerospace_Inc #2_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Steven Beyda Exemption Rulemaking Strawberry_Productions_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Stringer_New_Service_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Stunning_Heights_LLP_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Surveying_And_Mapping,_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Sydor_Aerial_Photography_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Sydor_Aerial_Photography #2_-_Exemption_Rulemaking  Tactical_MOA_LLC,_dba,_North_East_UAV__Exemption_Rulemaking Terraplane,_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Texas_UAV_Professionals_-_Exemption_Rulemaking The_Barefoot_Group,_Inc_-_Exemption_Rulemaking The_Climate_Corporation_and_Precision_Planting,_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking The_Visual_Arts_Group,_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Thomas_Drake_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Timothy Fitzpatrick- Exemption Rulemaking Toledo_Aerial_Media_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Topcon_Positioning_Systems_-_Exemption_Rulemaking TradeCraft_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Trumbull_Unmanned,_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking UAV-IQ_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking_-_Appendix_A Union_Pacific_Railroad_-_Exemption_Rulemaking United_Services_Automobile_Association #2_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Unmanned_Aerial_Assessment_Video_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Unmanned_Aerial_Solutions_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Unmanned_Experts_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Unmanned_Sensing_Systems_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Unmanned_Systems_Inc_-_Exemption_Rulemaking #2 Van_Smith_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Ventus_Wind_LLC_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Vine_Rangers,_Inc_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Voler_Inc_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Wade_Bell_-_Exemption_Rulemaking West_Coast_Aerials_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Woolpert,_Inc #2_-_Exemption_Rulemaking 7-24-14 Woolpert,_Inc #3_-_Exemption_Rulemaking X12_Production_Services_-_Exemption_Rulemaking Xcam_Aerials,_Inc_-_Exemption_Rulemaking

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Pirker Settles With FAA

Drone Laws Blog by Antonelli Law

It has been reported today that Raphael Pirker, who fought the FAA’s $10,000 fine alleging he flew his styrofoam “drone” in a careless and reckless manner, has settled with the FAA by paying a $1,100 fine.


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