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Scout X4 – Follow Me Quadcopter from Walkera

As many of you might already be familiar with, Walkera has recently been using a variation of the Ardupilot platform in their recent multicopters.  But I think that the latest release, the Scout X4 seems to be using all the cool features of arducopter such as follow me, and waypoint navigation!  I am still to confirm if they are using arducopter firmware but from the looks of it I am pretty sure they are.  Not sure about the price either but since it includes the Devo F12 (retails for about $600 it will be over $1K, which is not too bad considering it will probably include a brushless gimbal and iLook+ with wireless video too.

Another cool feature is the fact that the ground control station will support both android and IOS devices via a Bluetooth datalink ground station, so it uses Bluetooth to communicate with your phone/tablet and it seems it will run at 2.4Ghz to communicate to the quadcopter so not sure about the range of the telemetry link and I am hoping this is not via wifi.


• Remote control: DEVO F12E FPV Transmitter 2.4Ghz and Video at 5.8Ghz
• Support both Apple IOS and Android based devices
• Waypoint mission planning / Designated flight
• Follow Me Mode / Record Track Back To Home
• Hybrid, can be changed from 4 for to 8 motors
• 2.4G bluetooth datalink ground station (BT-2401A/B FCC / BT-2402A/B CE)
• Flight time: Up to 25 minutes
• Flight range: up to 1500 meter
• Receiver: DEVO-RX707(CE) / RX709(FCC)
• Real time flight data (telemetry) monitoring
• Auto return to home (RTH)
• Motors: Brushless WK-WS-34-002
• ESC: WST-16AH(R/G);
• Battery: 6cell 22.2V 5400mAh Li-Po
• iPad holder with backup power
• Size: 335x335x275 mm.
• Rotor Blades Length: 233mm
• Weight with battery: 1770g
• Flying Weight: <2270g
• Larger Payload with the ability to carry a wider selection of cameras to be announced

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SF10/C laser altimeter

They're getting smaller, lighter and now also cheaper. The SF10/C, short range (0-25m) laser altimeter for multicopters and small UAVs is now in production. Suitable for low level hovering control, auto landing and collision avoidance, this new member of the no-compromises SF10 family has all the bells and whistles including serial, I2C and analog outputs along with a micro-USB configuration port. Suitable for operation indoors and outside in bright sunlight. Special introductory offer at $325.00.

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A wearable quadcopter

Via Intel's "Make it Wearable" contest, meet Nixie, a quadcopter that you wear like a bracelet. At the press of a button, it unfolds, captures your dronie and returns, to be strapped to your wrist again

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VR ESC 2.0 Tech Preview

Hello everyone,
after some years of absence from the portfolio of the esc VR, I present the new design.
We made choices very conservative to have 27 and 50 amp ESC from 4s to 6s ... we are doing tests and validations necessary because this is a very delicate component.
Here are the first photos and video of the first test.
The firmware supported are the Simonk and BHely, given the complexity of the topic we did not want to reinvent the wheel but to make a quality product that can be certified and has the ability to be installed on a dedicated distribution board.

Attached are photos and here is the video

original blog post : http://www.virtualrobotix.com/profiles/blogs/vr-esc-2-0-tech-preview

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Thermal Imaging Camera Competition (FLIR ONE vs SEEK Thermal)

Hey guys i have been keeping an eye on the thermal imaging market trends.  Recently FLIR launched their new thermal imaging camera for the iphone 5!!  Thermal cameras traditionally sell for thousands of dollars for even an entry level unit but with the introduction of the FLIR ONE thermal camera these prices are being challenged.  The FLIR ONE is designed for the iphone 5 and retails for $350.  Well now FLIR has some competition!!  Seek thermal has just launched (9/25/2014) there thermal imaging camera for android and iphone which will retail for $200.  Some specs  of each below.....

FLIR ONE:  http://www.flir.com/flirone/

Fits iphone 5 and 5s only (it is designed to mount to a supplied i phone cover) Thermal image resolution???? (uses their Lepton thermal camera) Uses FLIR's thermal mixing (basically its the thermal image with a visible light image overlay to better outline the actual image)

Seek Thermal:  http://thermal.com/index.html

Available with either a standard iphone connector or with a micro USB connector (see their website for compatibility) Thermal image resolution:  206 x 156 Array (uses the Vanadium Oxide Micro Bolometer) 32136 pixels No thermal mixing as in the FLIR ONE 


Seek Press Release:  http://thermal.com/img/press-assets/release/seek_thermal_pr_9-25-24.pdf

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