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ELF Quad: the Open Source Multirotor for Anyone

ELF quad is the ever low-cost open source quadcopter providing AR plus VR experience. Upholding the spirit of open source, we will share all the hardware, software, app and the codes, enabling anyone to learn and enjoy AR/VR technology while piloting his own copter. 
We hope to build a brand new flight platform for experiencing and learning, as such, getting more and more people involved to help improve and complete the application scenarios. 
http://youtu.be/WyHN5V5WlwE Using the most affordable VR device-Google Cardboard, 3D printed shell, smartphone Bluetooth 4.0 to control (save joystick), combined with PCB construction, we created the best VR drone at such low price. 
The coolest thing is, the wifi camera will capture 720P video for real-time transmission to the mobile phone to present wonderful AR (Augmented Reality) experience. 

ElecFreaks team has been so absorbed in this project called ELF, now we’re about to see the light: we are so well prepared to present to the folks the ELF Quad. 
The open source, 3D printed, pocket size quadcopter for anyone to take control. 

Features overview: 
1. Open source 
2. 3D printed shells 
3. Wireless(BT) configuration 
4. Smartphone app control (Android, ios) 
5. 3D FPV flights (Google Cardboard)
6. Smaller and safer 

Swift, easily-controlled, fly indoors and out. It’s entry-level for anyone to be good piloting. 

The real cool thing has not come yet. We’ll add more remarkable features: Augmented Reality,take photo and record/share self flight video …. Project proceeding.
ELF-X will be pre-ordering early Oct at ElecFreaks store, starting at 300 pcs. For the very first batch, we sell at cost price, hoping to get valuable and useful feedback in return.

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SteadiDrone IRIS/IRIS+ Conversion Kit


I ran across this conversion kit on the SteadiDrone web site.

Transfer your existing electronics, flight controller etc over to an airframe with SteadiDrone's 'rapid deploy' folding design and high quality carbon and aluminum construction, add four powerful top end motors and transform your IRIS into a professional aerial rig! With loads of room for extras like FPV, camera gimbals and more, fly SteadiDrone's high performance airframe and you will never go back. 

IRIS Conversion Kit Includes:

SteadiDrone DASH Airframe Kit SteadiDrone Carry Box with custom high quality foam 4 x SteadiDrone MT3506 Brushless Motors

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Aerial Drones Help Understand Oil Movement in Water

Playing tag with drones, researchers are able to study the movement of oil in offshore environments. They also give a crash course in the basics of photogrammetry and how the data was processed. 

More about the SCOPE experiment here: CARTHE

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Loss of Altitude after horizontal run in Alt Stabilized modes.

Some of you may have noticed that your multi-copter will lose from 1.5 to 3 or 4 meters at the end of a horizontal run when in any of the Altitude Stabilized modes, like Alt Hold, Loiter (and PosHold for 3.2 candidates) or Auto.

Several heated debates have considered the reasons and possible causes, until finally a more demonstrative test was undertaken, using the 3DR X8 above with Pixhawk

But first some ground data:

The following graph shows how the altitude influence is directly affected by velocity (especially forward velocity), but to a lesser extent latteral velocity.

A general conclusion is that a "pressure bubble" forms in front of a moving object:

This is an image of a pressure gradient around a sphere moving towards the left of the image. This gradient is greater or less depending on the physical configuration of the vehicle. The vehicles that are most effected by the altitude drop tend to be less streamlined, with greater frontal area, and therefore a greater pressure buildup.

As the vehicle accelerates, the pressure starts to rise slowly and the forward tilt of the vehicle moves the higher pressure area more directly into contact with the altitude sensor. Then with sudden slowing, quick pitch changes and dropping pressure simulates that the vehicle is rising. Altitude controllers react to counter the effect and the vehicle drops..... sometimes like a rock.

So whereas the debate postulated that software should be able to resolve this problem the problem remains that, if it's really true that the cause of the problem is the "pressure bubble", then the software can only react to what it "sees and feels". If you make the assumption that it is possible to generate a countering force at the end of forward travel, you may end up sending the vehicle into space if the wind is from behind. The processor doesn't know any more than it can "feel".

So I built the testbed above to test the theory. You'll see a tube coming out of the front of a Pixhawk, just about where the altitude sensor is. There's a hole in the Pixhawk cover, and the altitude sensor is sealed with Plastecine, so that the outside air pressure from the "static sensor" is fed directly into the altitude sensor.

The white plastic rectangle on the other end of the tube has a tiny hole (not very visible in this photo, but about 1.5mm diameter) drilled from side to side, and then another hole of the same diameter leads from those holes to the tube. In this way, forward movement does not exert any pressure into the tube, furthermore, as the vehicle pitches forward, the static sensor holes move down into a lower pressure area outside the bubble. Pitching back up, if anything the static holes move into a slightly higher pressure area. the end result is ZERO DROP in altitude.

Lateral movement has no effect, as the side to side holes let flow pass though unrestricted and no pressure gain is seen.

This baby flies as flat as a pancake!

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New federals requirements for Canadian UAV pilot

Transport Canada just release the new pilots knowledge requirements for operating an UAV <25kg in Line Of Sight (Phase I)


The requirements cover Air law to meteorology,navigation, communications, airframe design, .....

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