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"Ardupilot:Copter V3.6.0" has been released!

Copter-3.6.0 has been released as the default version for Multicopters and Traditional Helicopters.
The release announcement is here and includes the large number of changes: https://discuss.ardupilot.org/t/copter-3-6-0-released.
Thanks very much to the developers and beta testers who contributed to this release! We have put a lot of effort into testing this release and we hope that it will go smoothly but if you find issues, please report them in the support forums here and we will try and address them asap: https://discuss.ardupilot.org/c/arducopter/copter-36


(Ardupilot Dev Team)

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Vertical Technologies launches the DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW VTOL surveillance UAV

After the successful launch of the DeltaQuad Pro, and DeltaQuad Pro #MAP, Vertical Technologies has now launched the DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW; A long range surveillance drone based on the DeltaQuad hybrid VTOL fixed wing UAV.

The DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW offers all the advantages of the DeltaQuad Pro and is equipped with a high grade surveillance camera. The available surveillance packages range from entry-level nose cameras to state of the art computer guided thermal & RGB controllable gimbals. Every package is accompanied by a carefully selected video transmission system for optimal quality and range. 

This newest addition to our range of DeltaQuad models has been developed and tested for more then 6 months and is currently in active duty with several launching customers. The 3 surveillance payloads to choose from range from simple static SD video to full HD 30km range dual thermal & RGB camera gimbals with object tracking and automatic retracting. 

Check out all the specs and options at deltaquad.com/view

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Just a glimpse of the daily Dronecode flight testing

Just another day at the Dronecode flight testing line. Want to see the logs? They're all here, including 3D replay of the flights (click on date link to see all the data goodness): 

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Interactive checklists and more with FlightZoomer Cockpit 3.1

Today FlightZoomer Cockpit 3.1 has been released (in the MS store the name is still FlightZoomer Cockpit 3). The app offers a number of nice improvements over the big version 3 release from August.

The most notable one are interactive checklists, which are demonstrated in this video:

This features supports entirely customizable checklists for each flight phase, for different aircraft and/or different hardware configurations.

With the voice synthetization and recognition, the pilot gets an efficient and safe method to work with checklists while the impact on the workload stays almost zero. It is therefore even realistic to work through checklists during the flight and without taking the eyes from the aircraft or the most crucial instruments.

See in this fascinating video, how real pilots handle the checklist part (if you are in a hurry, go to 5:41 to directly jump into the checklist action; besides that the rest of the video is also a great resource to find similarities between full scale and FlightZoomer operations):

More details about the FlightZoomer checklist feature can be found on this fresh documentation page:

Other new features in the FlightZoomer Cockpit 3.1 app are these:

  • Support for the RTF quadcopter 3DR Solo has been added
  • FPV Video from Solo in HD integrated in the cockpit app (with various layouts, among others also the only correct one: the FPV view appears above the glareshield!)
  • RTSP video feed can be integrated
  • UDP connectivity added (which enables e.g. Andruav connectivity -> Android 3G)
  • Screen recording of the Cockpit app
  • Much more detailed documentation under https://flightzoomer.com/hfw_contents.html 1
  • Small improvements and bug fixes

The FlightZoomer Cockpit 3.1 app is still on sale for some days (100% discount!) so install it from the MS store!

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Lockheed Martin acquired an Aeromapper Talon from Canadian UAV manufacturer Aeromao Inc, specially suited with a dual camera setup with long range video transmission capabilities.

The Aeromapper Talon fixed wing autonomous aircraft suited the specific requirements for this project in which an affordable, reliable and customizable platform was sought. The purchase happened during the summer of 2018.

As part of the requirements, the forward-looking video sensor had to be capable of recording high resolution video, send live video signal to a minimum distance of 20 miles, provide 10X zoom capability and tilt from horizontal to fully vertical on pilot’s command. Additionally, the UAV was required to carry simultaneously a thermal camera looking straight down, and the video signal on the receiving GCS required to be switched between the 10x zoom camera and the nadir thermal sensor.

Additionally, the unit had to maintain the ability to carry a swappable 24Mp camera for conventional mapping missions when required. 

Such a unique configuration can be used for a number of applications like search and rescue, wild life monitoring, infrastructure monitoring, wild life research, pipeline observation and more.

The unit was delivered in late summer during 2018.

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