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Flying from overseas using the autopilot & virtual FPV from FlightZoomer 3

While beta testing for Flightzoomer 3 a spectacular test flight has been done with intercontinental contributions:

- The location of the flight was in Switzerland.

- The pilot in command (Andrew Stanley) using the FlightZoomer autopilot was sitting on his desk in New York.

- My role was the copilot/spotter/air traffic control giving Andrew instructions (vectors) how to fly the manual part of the flight (the video shows the approach).

- During the flight we communicated using a Skype call.

See in the video how nicely this all worked!

More info on my homepage https://flightzoomer.com/

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ZTw share The 7th Hongkong FPV Drone Racing on MAY 5th May 6th 2018 with you

The Hong Kong FPV Drone Racing competition and AFA unmanned aircraft World Championships held smoothly in Hong Kong, the weather, the previous worries of the rainy days did not appear, small series has been drying to deformation
But the flying hands are playing a very happy Wow, the field is located in Kam Tin Country Club, the venue is large enough, beautiful environment, just installed a cross machine and surfers but no place to fly small set said it is envy. The competition attracted more than 100 flying hands, including the United States, the Philippines and other domestic and overseas participation, including everyone familiar with the flying Hand Ken (Masai), ka chess, magic Big, Sam, old GE, back to the game of the youngster waves, momentum gradually fierce small government, Liang spread 7-year-old star of tomorrow-small flying hands Yao Maowei, And for a variety of reasons can not come to the scene can only online attention hom, Bobo, strong dragon great God. http://www.ztwshop.com

All over the great God assembled here, for us to dedicate a wonderful visual feast.

Small make up to the scene to stroll a circle, photographed a few people carefully adjust the picture of the machine

It's too much to bring your family to the game.

NET red Jason

The photographed SP
The restaurant was photographed, and the photos were either

In the hands of my beautiful colleague.

The staff walked a wave
The stare from the big guy

This one will turn into an emoticon.

Take a serious game ing ...

Radius Booth Understand

Radius, chief of the interview

You want me to put your P up?

and your favorite beauties.
The competition is divided into the ABC three group, the calculation method is as follows:
Calculate the best lap speed (top Lap) in any one round for the contestants to group:
the Number 1-36: Group A
the Number 37-72: Group B

the Number 73-90: Group C
Each group (Heat) ranking method: According to the optimal lap speed (best Lap) ranking order, the average in small group.
Group A and Group B 6Heats (group), 36 persons:
Heat1:1 7 13 19 25 31
Heat2:2 8 14 20 26 32
Heat3:3 9 15 21 27 33
Heat4:4 10 16 22 28 34
Heat5:5 11 17 23 29 35
Heat6:6 12 18 24 30 36

* Group C 3Heats (18 persons)
Knockout #: In the 5/5 and 6/5 a.m., the ABC group will be phased out in three rounds, two laps (3Round 2laps) per turn.
The group AB has the highest score of 3 participants to enter the quasi finals:
First in each group: the group decision HEAT1
Group number two: the group decision HEAT2
Group number three: the set of HEAT3 C groups the highest score of 4 contestants enter the quasi finals:
Group I: Group C quasi final HEAT1
Group II: Group C quasi final Heat2
Group III: Group C quasi final HEAT1
Group Fourth: Group C quasi finals Heat2

The race, whether it is the track design or competition system have been flying hand acclaim, we also play a very happy, technical exchanges, experience exchange, enjoy the game.
The final title was won by Ken, runner-up for Ka Chess, second runner-up is Sam (among them champion Ken and runner Jia Chess all use is radius at9s OH)

Group A, the third runner-up and the organizer, the Asia air traffic Control Secretary-General took a photo

The competition, Ken and Jia chess because of the use of RADIUS at9s competition, so in addition to the award awarded by the organizer of HK $6000/3000, but also received a special award of Le di electronic bonus 6000/3000 RMB

Hey, it's not like you're the winner.
I'll ask you if you're excited.

B Group of the third runner-up, B group champion Logge with Radius control Oh, at10ii SAO Orange Money

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Alpha Aerospace | Lotus – I

Alpha Aerospace | Lotus - I

The Alpha Aerospace Lotus-I is the first ever off-the-shelf modular commercial UAV system running the Pixhawk Cube Autopilot. The copter is highly compact, can take a variety of payloads and is built with research and innovation in mind. Upgrades include RTK GPS, onboard VTX, bent/straight arms, upgraded telemetry, long range RC, and more! This is a project we have been working on for some time now and are ready to start releasing in small test batches. Hopefully, the community finds this valuable as we start to offer more integrations and upgrades to the platform! 

Visit The Site >

Swappable Arms

The arms on the Lotus-I are very easily swappable so no need to spend time desoldering and replacing motors. If your motor bearing wears out, a quick 5-minute swap and all 4 arms are like new again. You can even try different arm combinations. We are currently testing out a longer arm version as seen at the top, or a bent arm version for heavier payloads as seen just above this text. Very easily, we can try different motor sizes, adjust our payloads, and create new integrations.

Visit The Store >

Please visit our site and give us feedback. We take it very seriously and can offer platform tuning, upgrades, or tweaks according to your specs. Note: This is an early release platform so the bugs are still being worked out. But if it's our fault, we will fix or replace it!

For any comments, requests, resellers, or feedback, please use the contact page on our site or email: inquiry@alphaaero.com

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AeroLink Telemetry – Easy RFD modem integration

AeroLink Base

The AeroLink Base is a ruggedised telemetry case that allows you to quickly, easily and safely use your RFD900 modems out in the field. It helps protect your modem from drop damage, exposure to rain or dust and, breaks out the FTDI style connection to a standard micro USB connector. It's perfect for OEMs who currently use RFD modems with their systems and would like a simpler overall design for end-customer use. We have options to purchase with or without the RFD modem.

Visit Product Page >

AeroLink RFD Adapter Board

The AeroLink RFD Adapter Board allows you to simply and securely mount your RFD radio modem and use a standard 6 pin JST-GH cable to connect between the telemetry modem and autopilot. It also breaks out the new PPM pin on the RFD900x modems and most importantly allows you to power the modem from an external source (such as a UBEC). Perfect for anyone using an RFD modem.

Visit Product Page >

I thought I'd post this here as I believe these products are useful for the community. If you'd like to purchase either product you can find them on our website (https://baskaerospace.com.au) or if you're based in the UK, 3DXR (https://www.3dxr.co.uk/) is now stocking these items.

We're looking for resellers

If you'd like to become a reseller for these products or any of our other products please contact sales@baskaerospace.com.au

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Sky Eagle Brother Agricultural Drones fly into Vietnam market

April 20, the days of the Eagle Brothers in Vietnam BAC Ninh held a conference, officially launched in the Vietnam Market Eagle Brothers efficient agricultural plant protection solutions. Vietnam's Ministry of Agriculture and more than 20 provincial government departments, Vietnam partners, the Eagle brothers and so on more than 500 people have witnessed the days of the Eagle Brothers plant protection drones in Vietnam market release time.
The release of this product, not only for Vietnam's modern agriculture to bring more efficient plant protection machinery, but also marks the Eagle Brothers in Southeast Asia market expanded further, for the goal of global layout laid a more solid foundation.

At the press conference, Li Cai, founder of the Eagle Brothers, explained to the participants the development trend of modern agriculture, the opportunity of the agricultural UAV market, and the composition of the plant protection UAV system of the Eagle Brothers. In addition, it has carried out the demonstration of plant protection drone, which attracts local attention and media reports. Demonstration scene, the machine Roar, the crowd, the Sky Eagle Brothers Plant Protection unmanned aerial Vehicle ty-m12l, ty-d10l, TY-787 in the field shuttle, carries on the rice plant protection flying to defend the demonstration, along with the plant protection unmanned aircraft in the paddy field smooth flight, the thin mist liquid spreads evenly on the seedlings,

The high efficiency of its plant protection so that the presence of observers sent bursts of praise. Viet Nam is an agricultural country with an agricultural population of 77%. In recent years, with the development of agricultural cooperatives, the demand for agricultural machinery has risen rapidly.

In addition, the Vietnamese Government vigorously promote the development of modern agriculture, reduce pesticide pollution and heavy metal pollution, encourage the introduction of advanced agricultural equipment, intelligent, efficient, easy to operate plant protection drones market potential. The press conference, the Eagle Brothers Intelligent Plant protection UAV wonderful performance by the Vietnamese government department leaders and local people praise. Eagle Brothers Automated, efficient and accurate plant protection UAV system can achieve high efficiency, large-scale cultivation, promote the development of modern agriculture in Vietnam. The future Eagle Brothers will continue to explore more efficient agricultural production technology, the advanced agricultural UAV technology to the world, so that more people can benefit from automation, intelligent agricultural machinery.

ZTW Agricultural Drones electronic speed control(ESC) for your Agricultural Drones More

info: http://www.ztwshop.com/product/airplane-brushless-esc/Spider-Pro-esc/

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