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Convolutional Neural Network (2) for advoiding obstacles

By changing the CNN of my previous post CNN (1) into a multi-classification CNN (fly, go left, go right, stop) and adding an appropriate multi-thread python dronekit script, my drone bypasses most of the obstacles encountered at our "Model Club de la Côte de Beauté - MCCB". The YouTube video demonstrates the obstacle avoidance of my drone in loiter flight mode.

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Emlid Reach RS in Honda R mixed reality race video

Honda released the video featuring their new Civic Type R car in a mixed reality race of a professional car racer against a video gamer! The race between real-world Honda Civic R and Forza Motorsport 7 version was arranged by UNIT9, the production company. Reach RS RTK receiver was used to re-create the remarkably accurate behavior of a car.

Check the breathtaking film about this race:

Visit R vs R project page on the UNIT9 website to see project details.

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2 Hour flight time Hybrid quadcopter, for 2500€

We are now sizing our medium aerial platform down, to get a cheaper product with an awesome flight autonomy.

It can be equipped with both DJI N3 or Pixhawk flight controller.

16" props are used for this smaller quadcopter.

To pre-order one and get it in 60 days click here https://www.sandwichdrones.it/collections/frontpage/products/hy500-hybrid-uav-2-hours-flight-time-with-payload

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Project Log 6: Returning an autonomous glider from the stratosphere | Building a Flight Controller 2

On the sixth installment of my project log, I finally get some test flights off with the flight controller i started to make from an arduino 101.

Up until this point, we barely had the aircraft gliding. This week I decided to add some methods, and cruicial parts to the aircraft that make it behave more like an actual aircraft, and down the line will help it make its own decisions. All of that is outlined in the video above. Enjoy!

I'd love to hear everybodies thoughts on the project so far.

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UAV Components presents ‘Micronav’

Today, UAV Components introduced the Micronav, a dynamic ground control platform that enables developers and producers to improve the reliability and professional experience of their robotic solutions.

To meet the high market demand for a smaller ground control station, the Micronav offers a flexible and rugged performance in a smaller size. The Micronav is based on the Panasonic FZ-M1, a favorite of the toughest industries and the ideal tool for today's mobile workforce. The Micronav make a professional customizable ground control solution that drives efficiency and productivity in ways never before possible.

It is critical for UAV Components to deliver the market’s most versatile platform, which enables the end user to operate effectively in any condition. The Micronav has a MIL-STD-810G, 5' drop, and all-weather IP65 dust and water-resistant design. Besides its rugged qualities, it also has features such as user-replaceable and long-life batteries and improved sensitivity for use with heavy gloves, the operating system Windows 10, and 4G LTE multi carrier broadband.

A tailored high-quality ground control station has proven to be in high demand. No two robotic and/or UAV solutions are identical; therefore, customers seek a solution that goes hand-in-hand with their specific operations being carried out by the robotic tool. Therefore, the Micronav can be tailored with custom radio/videolinks links, ethernet, software, and unique engraving.

Since 2015, UAV Components has had the honor of delivering custom ground control systems based on its Aeronav platform. As of today, it has created more than 100 robotics solutions that implement the Aeronav platform in close cooperation between the company and its clients.


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