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Solar Rechargeable Cyclocopter Blimp

Please support the campaign on Indiegogo: https://igg.me/at/cycloblimp/x/10619348

My team composed of University of Maryland undergraduate and graduate students want to demonstrate the viability of a solar-rechargeable cyclocopter blimp (Cyclo-Blimp) configuration for future humanitarian missions. Cyclo-Blimp can be used for disaster relief efforts such as surveillance for people trapped in inaccessible areas and delivery of critical medical supplies. With solar-recharging capability, the vehicle would be able to maintain longer flight times and cover longer distances. As an electric vehicle with cyclorotor propulsion system, Cyclo-Blimp has zero carbon emissions and low acoustics which allows it to operate in urban environments.

I've previously demonstrated that the cyclorotor is capable of providing vectored thrust and is more efficient than conventional propellers with similar disk loading at small scales. With reduced acoustics, Cyclo-Blimp could operate in urban settings. Here is a video of a successful stable flight:


If funded, we would like to reach out to form an interdisciplinary team. Our goal is to successfully develop the Cyclo-Blimp for disaster relief efforts and also provide an opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience. Some of our members were part of the solar powered helicopter team (formerly Gamera, the human powered helicopter team):



Thanks for looking! Please spread info about our campaign :) Once we get to $1,000 in contributions, we're hoping to reach out to major companies.

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New rugged hand-held GCS with the ultimate modularity

We have a new Android based fully rugged ground control station format for some serious UAV/USV work. We’ve been calling it simply the RHH, and it was developed with extensive modularity in mind from scratch. As the supporting and enthusiastic community of DIYdrones looks more and more like the primary meeting place of professional unmanned platform developers, rather than just DIY-ers and hobbyists, I think there’s some interest in this level of GCS integration here, as well.

Because operating only in fair weather is a luxury not all users can afford, we had to come up with a fairly light hand-held controller that does the job under any circumstances. While we still mostly associate UAV flights with clear skies, there are always occasions where we just can't get away with a hobby grade RC and a tablet or a laptop. We also thought about surface systems, which are even more affected by the weather.

Protecting the GCS from the elements is just one of the points here, because when it comes to rain or extreme cold you would like to operate from some kind of shelter, at least a car or a van. That’s where the extreme modularity of this design comes in really handy. The entire RF unit of the RHH is removable from the bottom of the controller, and it can be mounted on your car roof, tripod, mast or even on the pan axis of an antenna tracker.

The field cable between the two modules is just a thin and flat twisted pair, which can be shut into the car door without messing with the seal. The cable can be of any practical length, because there is some serious voltage compensation and signal conditioning going on at both ends. Although it’s not exactly PoE (Power over Ethernet) in all versions, but we use a similar system for legacy hybrid AV/RC/modem controls, whereas there’s a fairly straightforward powered LAN connection for transparent IP RF links like Microhard or modified WLAN.

If you want to get rid of the single field cable, a wireless ground relay is also possible with most RF link combinations between the station and the RF box, but it may introduce unwanted latency in some signals. Safety is another concern when adding another RF hop to such systems, because typically low power ground relay signals are easy to block or screen accidentally. Of course, then you also have to power the RF box independently, preferably with built-in batteries.

Using such a rugged docking RF box design has another advantage when operating many different systems with the same station. Because the pinout for the bottom docking connectors is universal for all station and RF box variants in the 10” RHH line, changing bands, RF modules or even upgrading to high-end transparent IP links is just a snap without having to modify the station itself.

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DRONEE announces partnerships with resellers

DRONEE produces and commercializes professional drones for surveying, mapping and inspection applications.
DRONEE PLANEis a lightweight fully automated drone for professional surveying applications which includes Agriculture, Geodesy, Mining, Road Mapping, Wildlife Inspection and more.

DRONEE PLANE comes with super simple to use mission planning software which makes piloting skill unnecessary.

It covers a large area within a short time capturing high-quality images and data. Dronee can withstand high winds and flies for a more extended period and lands in a small space autonomously making it ideal for professional use.

Now DRONEE opens for partnership with resellers.

For more information about DRONEE kindly contact us at hello@dron.ee

Tomi Piriyev


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SokilLink all-in-one wireless link

We are pleased to announce our latest development: SokilLink!

It is a complex both software and hardware solution for Mavlink-powered autopilots.
In short, our solution will allow you to build a modern drone with features available only in leading products. Main features are:

  • Using only one digital data link (e.g. WiFi)
  • Remote control from an USB gamepad or conventional RC using USB dongle
  • HD video streaming from drone
  • Displaying video stream on ground receiver with telemetry overlay and touch screen support
  • Various cameras control (Sony, Z Cam E1)
  • Possibility to connect a laptop with GCS

GCS app which runs on ground PC:

There is also configurator app available for those who want customize all these features:

Hardware consists of ground and on-board Linux-powered boards equipped with high-power WiFi cards.

On-board PC (on image) has HDMI input, USB where you may connect your camera or other devices and two UARTs.

Ground PC (on image) has HDMI output for video and telemetry overlay displaying, USB for game pad or trainer dongle and Ethernet.

We're still polishing SokilLink so at this stage we expect to establish connections with advanced users and drone makers interested in our product.

There are also planned many other cool features:

  • Backup link support: RFD900 (only for Mavlink) or 3G/LTE (also for video)
  • Multiple cameras or even UAVs connected to one station
  • Sony block cameras support (with precise zoom control and other features acessible through API)

The software runs not only on mentioned boards but also on other compatible ARM ones and of course Raspberry Pi.

If you think that WiFi would not satisfy your needs we're happy to tell that we are also working on integration with another digital link which gives up to 25km range!

Write us on contact@sokil.aero if you are interested :)

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Aero-hawk Maps 2d Prerelease



Capture. Analyze. Act. Drone mapping for precision agriculture:

• Aero Hawk Maps 2D is the best software tool available in the market for multi bandpass filters with narrow bandwidths. • The calculation of 52 vegetation indexes is made possible through a fast an accurate map projected interface. • The image stitching technique is based on its unique Most Important Pixel technique which allows the analysis and visualization of true data at the pixel level of your farm. • Aero Hawk Maps 2D converts your drone-captured imagery into a geo-referenced orthomosaic with all the valuable information that characterizes your farm.

Among the main features provided by the Aero Hawk Maps 2D visual interface are:

1. A user-friendly interface for stitching.

2. The isolation of regions of interest of your farm.

3. The projection of the orthomosaic on a satellite map to visualize high resolution images of specific spots of your farm.
4. The generation of small size maps (HTML) for portability among your computer devices.

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