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UAVs electricity inspection work

Today I'd like to share some information of UAVs electricity inspection work. 

To ensure the stable supply of electricity, regular inspection and maintenance of the installations are important and essential. In the past, this kind of inspection work in China are mainly finished by manual work. And always cost a lot of time and money, meanwhile, often very dangerous as well. 

Nowadays, with the development of drone inspection technology. Many inspection work that is dangerous and difficult are mainly finished by UAVs now.  

UAVs inspection enjoys several advantages as below:

  • More comprehensive inspection work to reduce potential risks.
  • Save more labor and cost.
  • With more safety and efficient .
  • Flexible working mode make it adjustable for different and difficult environment.
  • Easy to bring and transport.
  • .....

Several months ago one drone manufacturer integrated our Tersus RTK board in to their drones. And these drones are conducting electricity inspection work at different places in China now. Here are some pictures for your reference:

And here are some pictures of our TERSUS GNSS RTK board for your reference, 

Thanks. Have a wonderful day!

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1080P 10X Night Vision Zoom Camera For DJI M200,fully compatible

Sky Eye-10NLT is one 1080P 10X night vision zoom camera specially designed for DJI Matrice 200. This gimbal is developed based on DJI Skyport, which means it is seamlessly compatible with Matrice 200 drone: all gimbal functions can be controlled through DJI GO APP and controller, like Yaw/Pitch, zoom, record/photo, tracking etc. Sky Eye-10NLT is offering a payload option for your Matrice 200 aircraft.

Sky Eye-10NLT comes with powerful night vision capability. It consists of one 1080P 10X stellar zoom camera and an IR laser illuminator served as an auxiliary IR light for the zoom camera. The 10X stellar zoom camera features super low illumination:0.001lux/F1.5(white/black), is able to spot the object as far as 300 meters in the night with the help of IR laser illuminator.

Another big feature of Sky Eye-10NLT is the tracking function. Enable it from the APP, then you just need to click the target on the screen, then the gimbal will track it automatically, easy and simple.


1) Weight:700grams
2) 1/2.9 inch 4MP CMOS sensor
3) 10X optical zoom,12X digital zoom
4) 1080P/30 H.264 video recorded for on-board TF card
5) Super low illumination:0.05lux@F1.5(colorful),0.01lux@F1.5(white/black)
6) IR laser illuminator cover range: over 300 meters
7) Auto object track and geotagging
8) 3-axis high stabilized gimbal system
9) Fully compatible with DJI Matrice 200

Product link:http://www.yangdaonline.com/sky-eye-10nlt-1080p-10x-night-vision-zoom-camera-for-dji-m200/

Product photos

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Play Table Tennis using a drone

Learning becomes easier when we add a little bit of fun to it. Here using the idea of obstacle detection, rather than just implementing simple obstacle avoidance in the drones path, I thought of playing a game with it.

To understand basic ideas of IR sensors and detection, I thought of building a game based on this using a drone. In this game of table tennis we can replace the ball with a drone.There will be 2 IR sensors on either sides which will detect a TT racket in its range and will move in the opposite direction thus 2 players can easily play this game.

For this we require the RC roll to be OFF and for it to roll in the opposite direction by itself as given in the code. I have used PlutoX controller which has its own open source Cygnus IDE on which i implemented my code.

Heres how i did it

    • PlutoX
    • PrimusX board
    • 2 IR sensors(V53LOX)
    • Breakout board
    • 600 mAh batteries
    • The IR sensor that i have integrated consists of 5 connections namely VCC,GND,RESET,I2C pins SCL,SDA
    • Vcc is connected to BAT pin
    • The breakout board provides I2c connections
    • Pin 6 to SDA
    • Pin 7 to SCL
    • Pins 13 & 15 are the default pins for getting range from IR sensors using Xshield API which is connected to pin X on sensor module.

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BX306 GNSS RTK Board for plant protection UAV

Hello,this is Haley greeting from Tersus GNSS Inc. in China. 

Recently we've finished testing of BX306 GNSS RTK Board for plant protection UAV in China. Our customer choose one BX306 board as Base and two BX306 boards as Rover in UAV. They mainly test the RTL(Return to Launch) function this time, the difference of original start point and landing point is 5-10cm. 

 BX306 is a cost-efficient GNSS RTK board for cm-level positioning and providing accurate raw measurement output, which can be integrated with autopilots and inertial navigation units.

  • Supports GPS L1/L2, GLONASS L1/L2, and BeiDou B1/B2
  • Supports in-built 4GB memory, which makes data collection easy
  • Up to 20Hz RTK solution and raw data output
  • Supports IMU raw data output
  • Pin-to-pin compatible with NovAtel OEM615
  • Log/command compatible with NovAtel protocol
  • Supports event mark and PPS

Later we'll have more test on our RTK and PPK board, and will update once available. Thanks. 


Email: yunxia.hu@tersus-gnss.com

Webesite: https://www.tersus-gnss.com

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Projecting Hybrid aerial vehicle for human transport

This might be the future of human transport.

The Ehang 184 is the first of many manned autonomous vehicles and it runs on Lipo like most UAV. They are great but they also weight too much for a long endurance flight compared to their energy capacity, indeed the time this vehicle can fly is only 22 minutes per charge.

This is of course not suitable for a medium or a long trip.

The solution is to use hybrid power, while big industries can work on high energy density batteries. This kind of solution is the best for a transition moment, at the ending of that batteries will replace the generators and we will not need new vehicles.

Our goal is to achieve a fuel consumption of 6 L/h on a manned multirotor able to fly at 80+ km/h. For comparison, a Cessna 172 has a fuel consumption of 30+L/h.

This kind of power system will use Wankel engines for their high efficiency and high power to weight ratio. We will need to design our own brushless engines and propellers, so it will not be easy but it will be a great step.

Our intentions are:

  1. Make a more time-efficient way to travel inside the city and outside the city.
  2. Make the air transport sector less polluting and prepare it for the electric transition.
  3. Make a cargo version for urgent transport.


This is also gonna be expensive, so we first want to take some funds from selling our generators before getting on a similar project.

Any help with your knowledge, financial participation or hardware will be great. For any question write to nicolai.valenti@gmail.com

Thank you

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