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UgCS DDC Drone Swarm with Smoke

Recently we participated in an air show near our headquarters with 7 drones running ArduCopter. We thought you guys might be interested in seeing the footage.

UgCS DDC gives the power to create beautiful drone shows without the need to have sophisticated hardware. All of the drones we used were assembled from widely available off-the-shelf components and were using open source ArduCopter firmware (version 3.5 in this case).

The flights were planned using UgCS and the drones were controlled using UgCS DDC (Drone Dance Controller). Each drone was equipped with four smoke grenades which were triggered remotely.

Here is the video from the show:


You can find more information about UgCS DDC here: http://www.ugcs.com/ddc

If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments or drop us an e-mail: ugcs@ugcs.com

Safe flights, 

UgCS Team

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Boeing’s Insitu uses swarms of Solos for autonomous mapping

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Boeing’s Insitu uses swarms of Solos for autonomous mapping

In this episode, the Roswell Flight Test Crew speaks with John Leipper, the Solutions Architecture Manager for drone manufacturer Insitu. At the Future Farm Drone Rodeo in Pendleton, Oregon, Insitu conducted a drone swarm demonstration using three 3DR Solos – all controlled by a single pilot using a computer. Of course, to stay in compliance with FAA regulations, an individual pilot for each aircraft was on standby should immediate human intervention be required. The long-term goal is to make drones more efficient through automation, requiring less direct human input to gather data more quickly than would be possible with a single drone. Such a control system would also allow the drones to be operated remotely via the Internet or other networks.

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Nvidia TX1 SE kit a steal at $200.00

Hi all, long time no post, but this is too good.
Those of you doing development want this.
At $200.00 it is 3 times cheaper than the TX1 normal development kit/board and the only difference is no camera module, but any USB camera can be used.

Not quite the poop of the TX2, but for object avoidance or even navigation, by far the best / cheapest deal anywhere.

You will need to sign up as a Nvidia developer, but easy peasy.


If you really want to do neat stuff, this is what you need.

Best regards,


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Deep learning drones at Japan AI Expo, Powered by FlytBase


The true success of any commercial product is defined by its customers. Customers who believe in the product and use it to solve real world problems. At FlytBase, we celebrate our customers who leverage our platform to build innovative commercial drone applications for their industry verticals.

One such customer is Shingo Matsuura. Shingo runs a research lab, Systems Nakashima Co. Ltd in Japan. Shingo’s most recent customer was a construction company, looking to integrate drones into their regular workflow, for improved efficiencies. They approached Shingo with a requirement to develop a deep learning solution deployed on a drone, that could detect and recognize construction equipment on site.

After evaluating various available options, Shingo decided to use the FlytBase platform to implement his solution.

How did FlytBase help?

“FlytBase platform is compatible with different autopilots and allows you to work on companion computer of your choice. This independent nature of the FlytBase platform made it an obvious choice.” said Shingo, when asked about why he chose FlytBase.

Shingo made use of FlytBase’s deep learning and object recognition capabilities to automatically recognize various equipment and to track their movement. He took inspiration from the Deep Learning Demo available with FlytOS on the Nvidia TX1 platform. FlytBase offers ready APIs and SDKs for quickly integrating complex drone applications, including, deep learning capabilities.

Visualizing the data on the user-interface, over a remote connection, is critical to the success of any drone application. Shingo used the FlytConsole, a web-based mission control software, bundled with FlytOS, to build his custom user-interface. This greatly simplified the visualization of detected objects, live video feed and exposing other controls on the UI.

FlytBase platform provided Shingo with all the tools, that he needed to assemble his drone application in under 10 days.


Shingo showcased his solution at the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Expo held in Japan, which demonstrated the power of FlytBase platform. His work garnered a lot of attention and was very well received by the audience.

FlytBase congratulates Shingo Matsuura and everyone at Systems Nakashima for their success, and wish them the best for their future work.


Building a commercial drone application? Let FlytBase experts help you accelerate your development!

Visit flytbase.com/applications


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