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How to import KML from Google Earth into UgCS as a route

In this article we're going to cover importing KML files from Google Earth into UgCS as routes.

Create KML file in Google Earth

In Google Earth click ‘Add’. To create a basic waypoint route - choose 'Path' or ‘Polygon’ to create an Area scan or Photogrammetry mission in UgCS.


Import KML file into UgCS to create a drone flight mission

Set a name for the ‘New Path’

Create the route on the map

To save click ‘OK’. The created route will be displayed in the ‘Places’ window

On the created route tap the right-mouse button and choose 'Save Place As…'

Import KML file into UgCS to create a drone flight mission

Set a location whereto the export the file and define that the file has to be saved as KML file

Import KML file into UgCS to create a drone flight mission

Import KML into UgCS

Launch UgCS, in the upper left corner, click the plus icon ‘Add new route’ and select 'Import from file' and locate the KML file

Choose the type how segments should be imported and press ‘Next’ 

Set the name for the route and choose a vehicle, press ‘Next’

Set all parameters of the route or leave the default values and specify parameters later, click ‘OK’

The new route will be displayed on the map of UgCS

This might be useful

Discover professional mission planning for drones - UgCS

Safe flights,

UgCS Team

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The effect is remarkable, Agricultural Drones promoted the agriculture green development

China is one of the most serious agricultural diseases and pests in the world, existing plant protection equipment and traditional application methods have been difficult to adapt to large areas, sudden agricultural disease and pest control needs, high operating efficiency, wide scope of application, water-saving drugs environmental Protection, labor and small large and medium-sized plant protection machinery and agricultural aviation plant protection has been rapid development.

Through drone spraying, 1 acres of time 2 minutes, the cost of 15 yuan, the use of drugs than farmers drugged reduction of 1 to 2 times, can save the cost of pesticides 5 to 10 yuan, time-saving, labor-saving, low-cost specialization of the rule of control, is gradually changing the farmers to drugged habits. After the calculation, the specialization of the rule of control per acre to save the grain loss of about 60 kg, increase nearly 150 RMB.

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Specialization of the rule of control in strict accordance with the disease and insect information on the application of drugs, to eliminate the high toxicity, high residue of pesticide use, the realization of pesticide reduction and efficiency control, and promote the green development of agriculture. In recent years, the social effects of plant protection drones are increasing: saving pesticides and reducing pesticide residues, increasing efficiency and reducing costs, while making up for labor shortage, especially in rural areas of young adults. It is these just need to promote the plant protection drones this product.

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FPV Drone, remote control car, VR glasses–the "Science and Technology Exposition" in primary and middle schools is more interesting

"Science and Technology Green Future" as the theme of Guangzhou Huangpu District Primary and secondary school science and Technology Exposition March 28 in Guangzhou Second Sino-Soviet Experimental School (referred to as "the Second Sino-Soviet Yuan School") held. Aerial filming Guangzhou Huangpu District the second Science and Technology exposition of primary and secondary schools.

Xinhua Hair Wooggare Photo Launching ceremony, deputy director of the Huangpu District Bureau of Education Xu Weimin said that today's world of science and technology, artificial intelligence, "Internet +" and other new technology applications are changing our lives, Chinese manufacturing accelerated to "China-made".

Science and Technology competition in the final analysis is the talent competition, hope that through the government, enterprises, schools work together to innovate cooperation, so that the flower of scientific and technological innovation in the whole district of primary and secondary school bloom Guangzhou Second Middle School principal Zhang Xianlong was interviewed.

Xinhua Penson Photo "If the current knowledge of mankind is likened to a circle, the larger the known circle, the unknown outside the circle is large enough to be broad enough." Guangzhou Second Middle School principal Zhang Xianlong to encourage students to maintain a sense of curiosity and awe in science.

He believes that the current science and technology Exposition is to learn and carry out the party's 19 spirit "into the campus" vivid practice, through the school-enterprise freewing RC airplane work together, to achieve universal scientific knowledge, advocating scientific methods, the dissemination of scientific values, promote the scientific spirit of the purpose.

The reporter found that the impact of this activity than the previous session of a wider, the participation of teachers and students is no longer limited to the two middle school students in Su Yuan, covering to Huangpu District major primary and secondary schools in the school teachers and students representatives, exhibitors from the eight from 2017 to 10 this year, the charm of the science and Technology Fair is out of the campus, radiation across the region. Guan Chujun operates four-axis aircraft.

Xinhua Hair Penson Photo The scene, rich in "intelligent" elements of the crossing machine, remote control cars, VR glasses, 3D printing pen to become the most eye-catching technology products. Guan Chujun, the first student of the Sino-Soviet school, took part in the Science and Technology Exposition, saying that he was most interested in flying through unmanned aerial vehicles.

He experienced in the scene hand gestures control of four-axis aircraft, hover, flying and other operating skills attracted many students praise the eyes. Jigsaw: Liang display 3D printed works.

Xinhua Lu Ying Photo

Liang, 9, patiently took a 3D print pen to draw on the paper, and, in less than 10 minutes, she was happy to get a 3D-printed model of the glasses.

Was named 2018 Campus "Science and Technology small talent" Li Ye had won the first prize of Guangdong Province Astronomical Olympiad, he was interviewed by reporters, in the hope of looking at the stars of scientific knowledge, but also need to understand the content of RC airplane each lesson, down-to-earth, do not let the future of scientific dreams leave regret.

The second China-Soviet school teacher Wang Jianping said, the school students participate in scientific and technological innovation activities also contribute to the improvement of students ' performance, 2017, the school entrance examination made a historic breakthrough, the campus average of 15 points of super high protection line, advance batch rate of 99.65%, Pugau rate of 100%. The initiation ceremony took a photo of the guests.

Xinhua Penson Photo

The event by the Huangpu District Bureau of Education and Huangpu District Science and technology industry business and Information Technology Bureau hosted, Guangzhou the Second Sino-Soviet experimental school contractors.

The second Science and Technology Exposition of Guangzhou Huangpu District primary and secondary school The second Science and Technology Exposition of Guangzhou Huangpu District.

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FLY 2018 China PVR Drone Racing at Shang.China

March 31, 2018, the PFV Drone race operation Pioneer Team X-fly in Shanghai Xintiandi Langham Hotel held a warm and chic conference, called "2018 Beyond the illusion, X-fly cross-country racing national opening season," also for the upcoming April, the first race in Shaanxi province to preheat early. The competition is highly valued by the local municipal party committee and Municipal ZF leaders, and it is listed as an important outreach activity in the 2018. Prior to this, X-fly has been for this site outdoor events in Shaanxi landed by the Air Force approved by the National first unmanned aircraft racing airspace use approval, in the safe flight to do enough protection.

Press conference began, X-fly CEO Mr. Chen Yu brought "beyond the fantasy" keynote speech, in the course of the speech reviewed X-fly from the start-up to the wings gradually plump this way from the dots.

After the CEO shared his journey, Mr. Rambo, the local ZF representative, introduced the historic and cultural city, and said that local ZF was happy to work with young competition organizations to promote the spirit of athletic sports and would give x-fly the necessary support to carry out the competition. Then the event Director Mr. Wu Yuping and technical director Liyaojun, respectively, introduced the x-fly2018 Cross Machine racing Tournament system and the X-League official machine, and for the cross machine enthusiasts and factory representatives on-site solution puzzle. The Conference also invited South Korea's top racing team Kdra star flying Hand McK, bringing a very exciting speed and passion of the flight through the aircraft performance.

In recent years, the charm of the cause of the UAV has gradually become more and more popular. In the state of good policy and market demand expansion of the situation, all kinds of sports events came into being, as the Sports + technology perfect fusion products, the first crossing machine movement. X-fly co-founder Zhouque, National professional sports manager Fang Mengya, the unmanned aerial network Supervisor Juyanpo, senior HR director Zhu Tianyi, the "Competition IP challenges and the future" launched a lively discussion, Zhouque said X-fly has always been concerned about the development of the personal shaping of the flying machine , this year X-fly will be the league IP and personal long-term development of the flying hand, through the league platform for the flying hand to provide the opportunity to display, so that the flying hand through their own charm and flow for the movement through the motor racing. Fang Mengya and Mr Juyanpo also expressed their optimism about the good prospects of the speed-racing drone, and hoped that in the future, the X-fly would be implemented in cooperation with resource sharing.

Then Mr. Chen Yu, founder of X-fly Drone Racing, the Korean Drone Racing Association president James, the dry abundant war team leader Xiao Hengzhi, the domestic well-known crosses the aircraft team SP Captain "pony elder brother" Dengxiang to "the Global Unmanned Aircraft Racing Club present situation and the future" launches the intense discussion, the discussion core is from the long-term view, Cultural sports as a track, with the support of ZF, will certainly be chased by capital, in the process, how to seize the time to run a more commercial value of the club, the community to feed the industry to become worthy of every practitioner to think about the problem.

The round table ended with the most anticipated scene of the whole event--the initiation ceremony, Mr. Chen Yu, founder of the X-fly drone race, Ms. Zhouque of X-fly Drone Racing, president of the Shanghai Aviation Vehicle Model Association, Mr. Gu Chen, the famous American UAV team rotor riot professional manager Chad, the National professional sports manager Fang Mengya, and so on with the hand placed on the big screen, with the large screen of light flow collection, announced the X-FLY2018 National Crossing Machine Racing Tournament officially launched.

2018 China x-fly2018 Beyond the illusion of the national opening season, this will be a series of standard airspace approved, local ZF, well-known flying hands, senior media to participate in the high standard, high standards of the cross machine competition, I wish the full year of competition to achieve a successful conclusion.

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Installing the Intel Realsense D435 depth camera on a Jetson TX2

Here's a quick technical post for anyone attempting to harness the capabilities of a Realsense D435 camera on a Jetson TX2.  For me, this is about getting usable depth perception on a UAV, but it has proved more problematic than I originally anticipated.

The Intel Realsense D435 depthcam is small enough to mount on a UAV and promises enough range for object detection and avoidance at reasonable velocities.  My intention is to couple it with the machine learning capabilities of the Jetson TX2 to improve autonomous flight decision making.

The problem is that the Intel Realsense SDK2 does not apparently support the ARM processor of the Jetson TX2, as I write.  This post links to my blog article which aims to provide some simple installation instructions that now work for me, but took a long time to find out!

(Full blog article link is https://mikeisted.wordpress.com/2018/04/09/intel-realsense-d435-on-jetson-tx2/)

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