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Phantom 4 vs dji Spark

Just a comparison video for the benefit of anyone curious.

on a side note, it is strange that DJI has decided to make you connect to the controller via wifi (and has decided to use a stunted mavic controller), i found that you could connect via cable to the dji application via USB because my wifi connection was horrendous and i had no internet when connected to the wifi. Just thought i would share this anywhere i can so anyone who decided to buy the spark can see this feature, this should also in theory improve the range of the drone because there is less interference.

Link to the phantom pilots thread: http://www.phantompilots.com/threads/dji-spark-unboxing-hidden-feature-found.117312/

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3 difference flight controller types of flying style

quadcopter Flight controllerFlight controllers tend to be aimed at different types of flying style: Cinema Flying, Sport Flying and Autonomous Flying. At the same time, there is a massive number of flight controller brands in the market, so it's hard to know which is best. Today I will give some perspective on that.


Flight controller For Cinema Flying

Pixhawk PX4 :Integrating with ARM 32bit chip and PX4FMU+PX4IO, this is yet another incredible option for any aerial photographer. Boasting UART, CAN, SPI and 12C bus interfaces; you will love its performance.


  • Advanced 32 bit ARM Cortex® M4 Processor running NuttX RTOS
  • 8 PWM/servo outputs
  • Abundant connectivity options for additional peripherals (UART, I2C, CAN)
  • Redundant power supply inputs and automatic failover
  • Integrated safety switch and optional external safety button for easy motor activation
  • Multicolor LED indicator
  • Integrated multi-tone piezo audio indicator
  • microSD card for long-time high-rate logging

The DJI NAZA-M V2: It is best to use if you want to do an aerial photography.  Its lightweight makes it quite convenient for your drone while the well designed control platform places the entire control process at your fingertips. In fact, it gives you total control of your drone as you capture those incredible aerial images.

Vector Flight Controller: If you are bold enough, you can also try Vector on your drone. Integrating an Eagle Tree system, you will definitely love its excellent performance. Ideal for professional and beginners alike, it also boasts an ETR00150 which gives it that unique performance and reliability. Its weight and size make it really convenient for aerial photography while the easy-to-use design adds to its awesome features.


Flight controller For Sport Flying

The KISS flight controller: It is mostly used in small sized drones. It does not have many features but you can be able to navigate through the user interface without causing a lot of confusion. Kiss is an acestar flight controller for fpv racing such as 250 quad. If you are looking for unrivalled performance, then you have to give it a shot.

RJX SP flight controllerr: lets you record flight data comfortably and conveniently. It integrates the latest Compass, accelerometer, baro and altitude sensor technology which makes its performance even better. Its 2 through holes are quite compatible and can mount onto PDBs as well as OSDs.

The Naze32: It gives you an opportunity to solder on both sides which makes it quite convenient. It comes with an input voltage of 2-6s which is similar to the other flight controllers for 250 quad fpv racing. 


Flight controller For Autonomous flying

QWinOut APM : This is an opensource flight controller which comes with a protective case for ultimate durability. Its advanced construction requires you to have basic understanding of c-programming language which is one of the earliest programming languages, monolithic integrated circuits as well as electrical and mechanical knowledge. 

The 3DR Pixhawk: It is one of the best flight controllers in the market. It is best to use in autonomous flights. It has backup system supports all kinds of sensors and other different flight considerations.

The MultiWii Pro: It is cheap and is readily available worldwide. It is capable of stabilizing remote control style plane, helicopter or a multicopter. It has a barometer, magnetometer, and GPS.

Drone Flight controller


On the basis of contrast of flying style as above, price and specs from the popular quadcopter flight controllers, you will have discovered some important differences that help you to choose items not only today but into the future as well.

If you have any question of any thing about flight controllers and have more experiences, please leave your message on here, Thank you.

 Reference source: http://www.rcdronegood.com/flight-controller-board-comparison/

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Intel cancels Edison, Joule boards

It was well known that Edison was going to be discontinued this year, but Joule, which was just released, is a surprise. This is bad news for any autopilot board that uses Edison, such as Pixhawk 2.1, which will now have to move to another companion computer. (I'd suggest Raspberry Pi). From Hackaday:

Sometimes the end of a product’s production run is surrounded by publicity, a mix of a party atmosphere celebrating its impact either good or bad, and perhaps a tinge of regret at its passing. Think of the last rear-engined Volkswagens rolling off their South American production lines for an example.

Then again, there are the products that die with a whimper, their passing marked only by a barely visible press release in an obscure corner of the Internet. Such as this week’s discontinuances from Intel, in a series of PDFs lodged on a document management server announcing the end of their Galileo (PDF), Joule (PDF), and Edison(PDF) lines. The documents in turn set out a timetable for each of the boards, for now they are still available but the last will have shipped by the end of 2017.

It’s important to remember that this does not mark the end of the semiconductor giant’s forray into the world of IoT development boards, there is no announcement of the demise of their Curie chip, as found in the Arduino 101. But it does mark an ignominious end to their efforts over the past few years in bringing the full power of their x86 platforms to this particular market, the Curie is an extremely limited device in comparison to those being discontinued.

Will the departure of these products affect our community, other than those who have already invested in them? It’s true to say that they haven’t made the impression Intel might have hoped, over the years only a sprinkling of projects featuring them have come our way compared to the flood featuring an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi. They do seem to have found a niche though where there is a necessity for raw computing power rather than a simple microcontroller, so perhaps some of the legion of similarly powerful ARM boards will plug that gap.

So where did Intel get it wrong, how did what were on the face of it such promising products fizzle out in such a disappointing manner? Was the software support not up to scratch, were they too difficult to code for, or were they simply not competitively priced in a world of dirt-cheap boards from China? 

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5.8GHz High Gain Circular Polarized Four Leaf Clover Antenna

Here's an antenna with high quality but low price ($5/piece), universal usage for all FPV equipment, like fpv googles, fpv transmitters and receivers, fpv monitors, quadcopters, multicopters, drones, etc


Small size: 4mm x 1mm x 88mm (Max diameter x Min diameter x Height)

Connector: 1 x SMA Male, 1 x RP-SMA Male

Genuine 5DBi enable better transmission

5.8 GHz suit for transmitter and receiver


Frequency Range:5.8GHz
Max Power:50W
Max diameter:4mm 
Min diameter:1mm 
Lighting Protection:DC Grounded
Polarization:Circular polarization (RHCP)
Model Type:4-leaf Antenna 
Package Included: 
1 x 5.8G Four Leaf SMA Male Antenna
1 x 5.8G 4-Leaf RP-SMA Male Antenna

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NASA webinar on drone crash-avoidance technology using APM copters

Is it flattering that NASA uses a 3DR Y6 to teach "crash management" techniques? I'm going with yes! Register here

ASA’s Langley Research Center is offering a free informational webinar on its  autonomous crash management system for small UAVs that enables landing a malfunctioning unit to a safe and clear ditch site. The webinar will take place on July 25th @ 2PM (EDT).

The mission of the system, called Safe2Ditch, is emergency management to get the vehicle safely to the ground in the event of an unexpected critical flight issue. For example, a drone delivery flight that loses battery power before reaching desitnation.

Safe2Ditch uses intelligent algorithms, knowledge of the local area, the remaining control authority and battery life to select the safest landing location for a crippled UAV and steer it to the ground. The system helps minimize the risk of UAVs to people and property. This mission is performed autonomously, without any assistance from a safety pilot or ground station and all while residing on a small processor onboard.

During this free webinar, lead inventors Patricia Glaab and Louis Glaab will discuss this technology and its potential uses, followed by an open Q&A session.

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