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Biomechanical simulation of Artificial Aquatic & Marine Animals (2)

Task 2.8 : Biomechanical simulation of Butterfly swimming (Improved version)

The biomechanical mechanism of butterfly swimming technology is very difficult and it is still necessary to continue the research. I could not be satisfied with my first achievement in this year and I rebuilt it over and over again. Therefore it became necessary for several days for this research.

The movement of the shoulder is very characteristic. It boldly spreads her arms, bravely rushes, draws an arc, draws back to the waist again. When I was designing this aggressive arm movement mechanism, adrenaline came out.

Task 2.7 : Biomechanical simulation of Breaststroke swimming

The final mechanism analysis has completed now.
I'm planning to open and share this revolutionary rapid development framework.
As a result of years of analysis to the esoteric mechanism of the animal shoulder, I came now to use the bolt action mechanism of the rifle that was widely used for US military weapons during the Civil War.
Let's make this using our best.

From this year I will begin physical implementation of animal drone with high-level mechanics. We will be able to develop compact and organic tillers and cultivators. It can be produced in Canada and Mexico using precision parts made in the USA. It is feasible. I would use this effort to improve the industry between the USA, Canada and Mexico along with the end of NAFTA. In order to resurrect agriculture in Mexico, Branding is very important. To that end, promote the research and development of Mexican herbal medicines and organic farming methods. If cooperate with herbalists from Switzerland and France, It will be able to do interesting production. We can also get inspiration from Biodynamic farming of Rudolph Steiner and Natural Farming Method of Fukuoka Masanobu.

On the other hand, Now I see the European industry is troubled by the multinational companies. After confusing due to the emissions fraud, now there is a conspiracy to eradicate herbs and insects with herbicides and pesticides. In Europe, herbs have been used for medicine and bees have been used for honey and cosmetics.

Task 8.7 : Biomechanical simulation of jellyfishes

I notice the similarity relationship between jellyfish fins and ideal hand finger movements.

Task 2.5.1 : Biomechanical simulation of hands, the automatisme in orthopedics (final edition)

What are the advantages of these products?

A universal biomechanical linkage mechanism that I propose has no waste and allows rapid revolutionary development to deal with various types of small-scale production. This is very effective in the digitization and horizontal distribution of labor, which is the backbone of next generation manufacturing industry.

It provides infinite applications, it is possible to provide artificial automatic prostheses with high mobility, as well as it can also be used for the neuro-orthopedic rehabilitation method using an augmented reality device, exercise for athletes, animal and insect drones, collective intelligence and swarm intelligence (tactical training of ice hockey), etc.

The artificial animal bodies made up by the universal biomechanical link mechanism are superior in terms of light weight, energy saving and cost. It works with few actuators and generates a powerful inertial force. Therefore, there are various environments that it can use. It is also suitable for use in extreme conditions beyond the limits of activity of natural animals, such as life saving rescues in natural disasters, deep sea exploration, high-radiation environments such as outer space.

An electric motor is a higher torque output unit, but it is difficult to perform as gasoline engines, which maintains the maximum power required for conventional rotating elements such as wheels. As a result, the cruise distance is shortened, and the size of the battery increases.

The universal biomechanical link mechanism can draw the efficiency characteristics of the electric motor. In other words, it is applied to the impulse of the artificial wings and the artificial hind legs while obtaining high torque at low rpm. Using the natural environment as a springboard it can increase stride length and it can also charge the battery with like an automatic winding mechanism of a watch while using the pulse vibration generated by the movement of artificial limbs.

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